McPherson city commissioners met for their regular meeting Monday morning and here is what you need to know:

City officials received word that an informal count of the special election held on March 12 to allow Sunday liquor sales resulted in 509 votes in favor of Sunday liquor sales and 475 votes against Sunday liquor sales, with nine provisional ballots yet to be counted.   In anticipation of the final vote being in favor of Sunday sales, administrative staff will work with the city attorney to draft language formalizing the results. The legislation will become effective by ordinance at the earliest possible date.

In communication from the Kansas League of Municipalities, there was confusion as it relates to the model ordinance allowing “Enhanced Cereal Malt Beverage” that the KLM created.  The confusion was related to the need for new licenses for enhanced CMB for retailers that already possess a current CMB license.   In the model ordinance, it did not address the need for new licenses.  In the city’s version of the ordinance a new license is not required for those retailers to transition from a CMB to an Enhanced CMB license on April 1.  A specific Enhanced CMB License be issued on the anniversary date of the renewal for existing retailers or when a new first time license is issued.  Existing retailers will be given notice that their current CMB license will transition to an Enhanced CMB license on their license anniversary.

In preparation for the re-opening of the McPherson Community Building the city will begin the hiring process for a Community Building Event Manager to promote, schedule, and maintain the Community Building upon its completion.  

The commission approved an internal posting for the salaried position with a range somewhere between $38,000 and $51,000.

The city of McPherson will host a public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. April 9, to address local housing. 

The discussion will be led by RDG Schutte, Wilscam, Birge, Inc., a consulting firm hired by the city to conduct a housing market study. 

The meeting will occur in the Gathering Hall at the McPherson Museum, 1111 E. Kansas. 

For more information, contact City Administrator Nick Gregory at 620-245-2535.