At approximately 1:10 p.m. on Thursday emergency personnel received a dispatch to respond to an injury accident at 7th Avenue and U.S. Highway 56. On driver was critically injured. McPherson EMS transported him to McPherson airport where a helicopter on ground waiting to transport the victim to Wichita.

"It was just a really nasty accident," McPherson Fire Department Chief TJ Wyssman said.

The scene showed a Chevrolet pickup truck, driven by a minor male, had rear-ended a semi truck. The semi was hauling nearly empty container of a flammable substance, so HAZMAT precautions were taken. A report was also made that diesel fuel was leaking as well. 

"We did not have any large amounts of HAZMAT involved," Wyssman explained. "We didn't have any kind of intrusion on the semi trailer."   

K56 is a highway with a 65 mph speed limit. The semi was at a stop turning into a nearby business when it was struck by the pickup.

"Sometimes people just aren't paying enough attention," Wyssman said.

No further information is available at this time.