On April 6, holding a downward-facing dog yoga pose can assist with the care and adoption of furry, four-legged friends.

Yoga For A Cause, a yoga and dog adoption event, will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. April 6 at Mac Dog Park, 1000 S. Centennial Drive in McPherson.

The event is being organized by Inman FFA students including historian Lily Tatro, a junior at Inman High School.

"It's going to be fun. We're all excited about it," Tatro said.

For $20, individuals can take part in a one-hour yoga session in the dog park, led by Elysium Studios owner Grace Henderson.

"We will do a laid-back yoga session," Henderson said.

A dog's behavior can be distracting at first during yoga, Henderson admitted, but the key is to stay quiet while being in the moment, giving the animal affection and playtime as needed.

"They like the attention," Henderson said.

As the hour goes on, Henderson finds her dogs eventually become calm and relaxed.

"When you do it often and you incorporate animals in your practice regularly, it can be soothing and relaxing and a bonding experience for you and your pet," Henderson said.

Those planning to attend the yoga session at the dog park are encouraged to bring their own pets, along with a mat and water bottle. Wearing layers of clothing that are easy to move around in is also recommended.

"I will have mats available for people who don't have mats," Henderson said.

Fifteen percent of the yoga class fee will go to support the McPherson Animal Shelter.

"We're doing this to help benefit and give back to the community and the animal shelters," Tatro said.

Dogs that have been surrendered don't get much attention from prospective owners, according to Tatro.

"People are always buying new dogs and don't always realize there are some that need good homes right in their community," Tatro said.

Both the McPherson Animal Shelter and Heartstrings Animal Advocates will have adoptable dogs present at Yoga For A Cause.

McPherson Animal Shelter Director Sonia Luttig said those looking to adopt should be ready to fill out a detailed application. After an application is reviewed, adopters pay a $145 fee — $125 of which can be refunded to them.

"By state law, you have to have them spayed or neutered before they leave the premises or you have to collect a deposit," Luttig said.

Besides the $100 spay/neuter deposit, a rabies shot deposit of $25 is included in the total $145 fee.

"Once they get them neutered or spayed, get a city tag and a current rabies shot and show us proof of that, then the city will issue them a check by mail for the $125 back," Luttig said.

Dogs adopted from the shelter are already microchipped, have undergone flea and tick treatments, are dewormed and have some vaccinations.

"We just want to find them homes," Luttig said. "We've got some really good dogs."

Inman FFA students are making refreshments for the humans and dogs who attend Yoga For A Cause and a special gift package for those who adopt a dog that day.

"We are making dog treats and toys ... for the new owners to take with their dogs," Tatro said.

Yoga class participants are asked to RSVP to Elysium Studios in advance by calling 620-755-7921.

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