The McPherson City Commission met Monday morning and here is what you need to know:

City commissioners will meet Monday at 5:30 p.m. and the followingMondays throughout April, to test out whether a later time for meetings is beneficial to the public and more conducive to schedules. 


Building Report

The year-to-date cost comparison is up from $7,271,433 last March to $16,464,914 this year. In addition the number of permits is up to 134 compared to last year's 86 as well as inspection quantity with 115 this year compared to 99 last year.

Projects that are in progress now include the TerraNova Storm Shelter, Viega expansion, Best Western, Community Center renovations and Walmart remodel. Disability Supports is an upcoming project to look out for.


Public Works

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Jacob Coy, the assistant chief operator at the Waste Water Treatment Facility. The resignation will be effective April 12. In addition, commissioners approved the process to seek a new candidate for the position.

The seeding was accomplished on the Barnstormers Premier Subdivisions Project. 

"We have some rough areas where some re-work will be required," Public Works Director Jeff Woodward stated. "The contractor is trying to schedule the completion of the seeding, rework of a settled portion of the sidewalk, and correction of a bad concrete pavement joint."

Construction is now underway on the Eagle's Wings project. On the south portion the sanitary sewer main is complete and one service is installed. Building pads are being constructed this past week. On the north portion, cutting streets to grade is being accomplished. Water line is being installed from Northview Road to the north.


Planning and zoning

A motion to approve the re-zoning of two residential lots generally located at 823 West Euclid Street to light industrial districts. The application was heard on March 12,  during the monthly Planning Commission meeting and the protest period expired March 26.



On Jan. 28 commissioners authorized contracting with RDG Schutte, Wilscam, Birge, Inc. to prepare a Housing Market Study for the community. The process started several weeks ago. The consultant will be hosting a public meeting for anyone wishing to provide input, opinions and observances on  April 9  from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Gathering Hall at the McPherson Museum located at 1111 E. Kansas Ave. The consultant will be asking questions and seeking information from anyone in the public wishing to provide input. The city will post information on a dedicated website hosted by the consultant where they can learn more about the study and the process.