LINDSBORG — Food, friends and art will be featured at Hands of Time Gallery's one-year celebration, held from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at its location at 118 S. Main St. in Lindsborg.

The gallery's opening is a dream owners Brandon and Dawn Sherwood chased for 26 years before finding the right time and place to make it come true.

"I told my husband, 'okay, we're getting older; time is running out on us — you can't turn back the hands of time, it's starting to slip away... if we're going to try this, it's now or never,'" Dawn said.

Seeing the efforts others put into Lindsborg's economic development also factored into the Sherwood's resolve to open the gallery.

"People seeing the value of investing in the community was an integral part in the decision to do it now ... but it certainly is a leap of faith," Dawn said.

The gallery features sculptures and paintings created by artists from as close as Kansas to as far as other continents.

"We want to try to have something for everyone," Dawn said.

The variety of styles seen at Hands of Time Gallery reflect the Sherwood's purpose of filling the space with items to make people smile, think and feel good.

"We're founded on the premise that we want to bring people and art together and uplift spirits," Dawn said.

That mission is clearly seen in Brandon's own woodcarvings, which can take the shape of a stand-alone sculpture or a piece of furniture.

"Everything my husband does has a story," Dawn said.

Brad's carvings appear cartoonish and whimsical, but they appeal to all ages.

"They're not for children; they're for adults who are able to connect with their inner child and just be joyful," Dawn said.

Besides original artwork, Hands of Time Gallery also sells gift items such as candles, cards, jewelry and books.

Prints of their artist's work are also available for purchase.

"A lot of galleries won't sell prints, but I want art to be for everyone and not everyone has the budget for original art," Dawn said. "To me, you're still supporting the artist by buying a print and I'm all about that."

Many of the artists represented at the gallery are individuals the Sherwood have come to know personally.

"These artists are people we know who have families to support, food to put on the table and they're sharing their gift with us," Dawn said.

The Sherwoods now hope to share their gifts with those who come to downtown Lindsborg.

At the one-year celebration, food and cocktails will be served. Attendees can also look through the gallery and see artwork contributions from 12 new artists.

"We really want to thank everybody who has supported us in this past year," Dawn said.

For more information about Hands of Time Gallery, call 785-826-0326.

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