A sizable donation was made to the McPherson County Sheriff's Office last week that is very much appreciated.

"It is going to go a long way," McPherson County Sheriff Jerry Montagne said.

The donation was made by a McPherson County Community Foundation fund known as the 

Robert W. Baldwin Family Fund which was established more than a decade ago. The donors requested that the exact amount of the donation not be disclosed, but the funds will go towards a good cause.

"The legacy we were given by our grandparents was you always give back to the communities that you serve," Chief Executive Officer of Home Communications Inc. out of Galva said. "Half of our employees here have served through various first responder organizations, I currently serve with the sheriffs department deputies."

Montagne stated that the funds would go towards a couple different projects to include a new dog for the department as well as a drone. The dog will be handled by Deputy Jake Willems and is in the process of being trained and vetted for duty. The drone project will take some time, but is currently in the works.

"First responders in our areas have always been near and dear to us," Baldwin said. "Seeing the needs they have we want to assist with those goals and give back to the community. We've always had the mindset that you give back to those in the community who serve us."