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What does Lindsborg, Kansas have in common with Bali, Montevideo and Lisbon?  The Vacation Rental Show with Matt Landau, sponsored by Booking.com.

Now in its second season, Lindsborg is one of ten exceptional locations from exotic locales around the world that are featured online.  In each episode, a vacation rental owner warmly welcomes Landau, who is a passionate advocate for this hospitality alternative, to the best people and places each destination has to offer.

“In the world of vacation rentals, being featured on this show is a really big deal,” said Jum Prugh. “Owners and guests from around the world will go onto the show’s YouTube channel and discover that Lindsborg and central Kansas are fantastic travel destinations.”

Prugh owns three vacation rentals in downtown Lindsborg.  Each is a spacious studio apartment with a living area for relaxing, fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals, a large bathroom, onsite laundry and private parking.  Two of the vacation rentals have their own elevator!  A fourth vacation rental will be completed this summer.  Information and pictures can be found on the website below or on Airbnb.

Regarding Lindsborg, Landau wonders, “How does a place in the middle of nowhere effectively put itself on the map?”  The answer?  “By being truly exceptional.”

Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers teach intricate steps while musicians provide accompaniment with three violins, an accordion and a nyckelharpa.  Astronomers from the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson set up large telescopes to view planets and galaxies.  A custom blend of beans is roasted at the Blacksmith Coffee Shop.  The Bethany College track team practices early one morning.  A “thank you” dinner is prepared in the kitchen of a vacation rental.

As of late Saturday, April 20th, this episode has been viewed over 1,000 times.

Lindsborg Vacation Rentals: https://www.LindsborgVacationRentals.com/ 

The 30-minute episode can be seen at: https://youtu.be/rpuZ2bDSCQw 

All episodes can be seen at: https://www.vrmb.com/the-vacation-rental-show/