Each year, the McPherson Hospital Volunteers select one of their own as Volunteer of the Year. Criteria for selection includes annual activity of at least 250 hours of service, engagement in one fundraiser and one special project, attendance at three quarterly meetings and abidance by the Volunteer Services Policies and Procedures. 

At a recent luncheon, Cindy Parker was awarded the 2018 Volunteer of the Year. She began her service at the hospital in 2012. Since then she has worked at the Lobby Information Desk and the Fitness Center, currently serves as President on the Volunteer Board and regularly helps with projects. She is consistently one of the first to step up and assist when needed. Fellow volunteers describe her as hardworking, compassionate, reliable, energetic and having a positive attitude. 

McPherson Hospital Volunteers assist throughout the hospital including waiting rooms, offices, clinics, and many other areas of support. In 2018, they contributed a total of 25,560 hours and 34,764 assists to patients, family members and hospital staff. For information about volunteering at the hospital, call Director of Volunteer Services Diana Holloway at 620-241-2251, extension 255.