WINDOM — Windom Elementary students and teachers had a lot of greenery on their hands as the school held its annual plant sale on Friday.

Profits from the plant sale will be used to create even more open-air facilities for the students of Windom Elementary.

"One of the things we are planning to do is build an outdoor classroom," said Sheena Bruce, a teacher at Windom Elementary.

The classroom will be made with the addition of an awning over a new concrete pad next to the school's greenhouse.

"There will be tables in a covered and shaded area where classes can come out and do work," Bruce said.

"I think it's going to be a game-changer for us, a lot like (the greenhouse) was," added Windom Elementary teacher Audrey Farmer.

The school also plans to add permanent raised garden beds to replace the temporary ones used to grow lettuce and other salad vegetables.

"We'll harvest that and the kids will get to eat it before the end of the school year," Bruce said.

Every class was involved in growing the plants produced in the school's greenhouse.

"My sixth graders have done all the tomatoes and jalapenos – we ended up with 600 plants," Bruce said.

Vegetables, succulents, flowers and more were set up for customers to select at the plant sale.

"It's pretty fun; it's a big project that we do," Bruce said. "...We have all kinds of flowers, perennials and annuals."

Windom Elementary students also made garden decorations from recycled objects and built wooden planters that were sold at the plant sale.

"Third graders learned to measure to the quarter-inch," Bruce said. "They had helpers come in to cut the wood, but they measured it."

Farmer noted the plant sale gave students the opportunity to not only learn about biology and agriculture, but also the physical work that goes into raising plants and the math skills needed to sell them.

The plants left over from the sale will be offered at the school's annual grandparent celebration on May 3.

"We were very busy and still have a good variety left," Farmer said. "...We are well on our way to that outdoor classroom we are so eager to start."

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