LINDSBORG — Musicians, actors, dancers and announcers will soon be able to step onto a new stage at events in Lindsborg with a $110,000 for a portable performing stage made possible by the David Nutt Fund administered by the McPherson County Community Foundation.

"We have had the same stage that was constructed locally for 43 years," said Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Holly Lofton.

Lofton and a committee of representatives from the city, Lindsborg schools and nonprofit organizations came together to discuss the need for a new stage.

"We decided we would go ahead and talk about it and start to put this in motion and see what could be done with the David Nutt funds," Lofton said.

It took multiple individuals several hours to set up the city's old stage.

"It was extremely cumbersome to put together," Lofton said. "...We decided if we had something easier to utilize, we would use it more often."

The stage is being constructed by Dauer Welding and Machine in Lindsborg.

"They're doing it locally for less money than it would have been from a company we could have ordered it from," Lofton said.

Having the stage built in Lindsborg fulfills the Nutt Foundation's goal of benefitting the city in two ways — by creating the stage for the community to use and supporting a local business, Lofton pointed out.

Measuring 20 feet by 20 feet, the stage will be fitted with hydraulics that allow it to fold in several ways — not only into its trailer form for easy transport, but also giving users the option to have half of the stage set up vertically for a backdrop.

"It provides enough room on it that we could do a small theatrical production," Lofton said.

The stage will also come with a truss system for mounting lights and interchangeable banners in different colors.

It will only take two people to assemble the stage into any configuration using its hydraulic leveling system. Not only will city staff be trained on setting up the stage, several people have volunteered to learn the process as well.

The stage is set to debut at this year's Hyllningsfest in October and then will be available to use at events for the community, schools and other happenings.

"We will have a stage that can be checked out from the city building for a reasonable fee," Lofton said.

The cost to rent the stage will vary depending on whether it is being used by an individual, business or nonprofit organization.

"It will have to follow city guidelines for where it can be placed," Lofton added. "...We're just really hopeful that it gets utilized many times throughout the year."

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