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The McPherson County Student Art Exhibition and Scholarship Competition is held annually in April at the old Park School in McPherson, and has been in existence for over 37 years. It was first sponsored by the McPherson Arts and Crafts Association, and after their organization disbanded in the late 90s, it has been sponsored by the McPherson Arts Alliance Art Gallery. The art exhibition displays work by McPherson County sixth grade to twelfth grade students. The work is judged and ribbons awarded to work in twenty categories.

Makenzie Porter of Moundridge High School was awarded the first place scholarship of $1,000, donated by the Norene Ketcherside Endowment for Fine Arts. Abbey Yianakopulos, McPherson High School, was awarded the second place $500 scholarship donated by CHS Refinery of McPherson, and Macy Craig of Moundridge High School was awarded the $250 scholarship donated by Jim and Leanne Kilmer of Topeka. Sylvia Ko of Elryia Christian School was the Alternate.

The judges for the 2019 competition were Debra Ringler and Julia Johnson.

Ringler is an artist and art teacher who currently teaches Ceramics I and II, Visual Art Independent Study, Fundamentals of 3-D, Jewelry, Introduction to Glass, and Sculpture at Hutchinson High School.

Julia Johnson is also an artist and teacher at Hutchinson High School Julia has been teaching Fundamentals of 2D Art and Drawing and Painting at HHS since 2017.





Scholarship Booths Best of Show

Alyssa Goering, Moundridge High School, Transparent Painting, “Lakeside Dreams”

Makenzie Porter, Moundridge High School, Paper Collage, “Write Your Own Story”

Abbey Yianakopulos, McPherson High School, Acrylic, “Fear”

Macy Craig, Moundridge High School. Charcoal, “The Study of…”

Aurora Gilzinger, Inman High School, Altered Photo, “Snippo”

Desire Epps, McPherson High School, Opaque Painting

Claire Peters, Elyria Christian School, Ink Drawing

Sylvia Ko, Elyria Christian School, Colored Pencil-Ink, “New York”


 High School Winners

Ceramics (Functional)

First Place Ellika Ptacek, Moundridge

Second Place Dairien Dawes, Inman

Third Place Abby Hipp, Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention

Cairyn Allington, McPherson

Dalton Vogts, Moundridge

Willow Quillia, Inman

Tabitha Slechta, McPherson


Ceramics (Non-Functional)

Kira Arnold, Smoky Valley

Helayna Mader, Smoky Valley

Elizabeth Leck, Inman

Honorable Mention

Skyler O’Dell, Inman

Helayna Mader, Smoky Valley


Pencil Drawing

First Place Saisha Cornett, Smoky Valley

Second Place Dantlie Raney, Inman

Third Place  Katlyn Streight, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Alaina Diggs,  McPherson

Camri Markley, Inman

Katlyn Ball, McPherson

Katie Stucky, Moundridge

Maggie Leaf, McPherson

Rachel Weis, McPherson


Ink Drawing

First Place Aaron Green, Moundridge

Second Place Sarah Brunk, Moundridge

Third Place Jenna Fish, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Aurora Scilipoti, Inman

Anna Yannakopolis, McPherson

Katlyn Streight, Moundridge


Charcoal, Pastels

First Place Dantlie Raney, Inman

Second Place Elizabeth Leck, Inman

Third Place Aaron Green, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Saisha Cornett, Smoky Valley

Alaina Diggs, McPherson

Korbin Wedel, Moundridge

Emma Green, Moundridge

Tabitha Dawes, Inman

Lindzie Archer, Elyria

Derika Helms, Inman

Silas Courtney, Moundridge

Rachael Weis, Smokey Valley

Katie Fiedler, Moundridge

Emma Blough, Moundridge


Colored Pencil, Crayon

First Place Emma Green, Moundridge

Second Place Kira Jackson, Moundridge

Third Place Maggie Leaf, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Makayla Blair, McPherson

Ava Brunsell, McPherson

Zada Harris, Inman

Halee Konrade, Inman

Aisjha Miles, Inman

Hailey Unruh, Moundridge

Aaron Green, Moundridge

Alea Durst Moundridge


Graphic Design

First Place Brenton Thiessen, Inman

Second Place Hannah Kirchner, McPherson

Third Place Skyler O’Dell, Inman


Jewelry & Metalsmithing (Functional, Non-Functional)

First Place Cole Price, Elyria

Second Place Gabe Van Houton, Canton-Galva

Third Place Dalton Wilson, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Jared Mines, Elyria (2)

Nathan Paulson, Elyria

Aiden Fields, Elyria

Addison Turner, McPherson

Grace Holm, Canton-Galva

Kylee Busch, McPherson (2)

Aiden More, Canton-Galva

Patty Huerts, McPherson


Mixed Media

First Place Laura Ullom-Minnich, Moundridge

Second Place Skyler Venables, Smoky Valley

Third Place Lizzy Kliewer, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Haylee Saunders, Smoky Valley

Brecken Porter, Moundridge

Leah Fast, Moundridge

Laura Ullom-Minnich, Moundridge

Hailey Priddy, Smoky Valley

Saisha Cornett, Smoky Valley

Anneka Peterson, Smoky Valley


Black & White Darkroom Photography

First Place Katelyn Guffey, McPherson

Second Place Macy Gorsuch, McPherson

Third Place Zach LeBlanc, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Brad Kulbeth, McPherson


Digital Photography

First Place Katelyn Huddle, Elyria

Second Place Braylee Doughman, Canton-Galva

Third Place Tia Moddelmog, Canton-Galva

Honorable Mention

Hannah McGowan, Elyria (2)

Lina Falkenburg, Canton-Galva

Jerry Bradbury, Canton-Galva (2)

Brayden Minson, Canton-Galva

Payton Buster, Canton-Galva

Carissa Klatt, Canton-Galva


Photoshop, Altered Image Photography

First Place Conner Koehn, Canton-Galva

Second Place Braylee Doughman, Canton-Galva

Third Place Payton Buster, Canton-Galva

Honorable Mention

Mickalee Kerns, Smoky Valley

Conner Koehn, Canton-Galva

Kaylie Harmon, Canton-Galva



First Place McKinley Johnson, Smoky Valley

Second Place Gracie Lamburt, Smoky Valley

Third Place Isabel Ordonez, Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention

Savannah Zink, Smoky Valley

Abby Winkleman, Inman

Parker Eck, Inman

Elizabeth Leek, Inman

Riley Ahlstedt, Smoky Valley

Brin Schroeder, Inman

Chris Mullen, Smoky Valley



First Place Damion Raney, Inman

Second Place Liam Seron, McPherson

Third Place Kay Light, Inman

Honorable Mention

Ashtyn Heim, McPherson

Aaliyah Haiser, McPherson

Ava Brunsell, McPherson

Helayna Mader, Smoky Valley

Courtney Medor, Canton-Galva


Fiber Arts

First Place Bailey Roberts, Smoky Valley

Second Place MacKenzie Krause, Smoky Valley

Third Place, Anneka Peterson, Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention

Willow Quillin, Inman

Whitley McElroy, Smoky Valley

Savannah Zink, Smoky Valley

Rachel Weis, Smoky Valley


Opaque Painting

First Place Dantlie Raney, Inman

Second Place Rachael Wwis, Smoky Valley

Third Place Grace Van Asselt, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Angelina Erbert, McPherson

McKinley Johnson, Smoky Valley

Kendall Brake, McPherson

Tabitha Dawes, Inman

Luke Nelson, Elyria

Adrianna Garcia, McPherson

Sais Vasquez, McPherson

Giselle Jaime, McPherson


Transparent Painting

First Place Dantlie Raney, Inman

Second Place Aurora Scilipoti, Inman

Third Place Tabitha Dawes, Inman

Honorable Mention

Dantlie Raney, Inman

Abbie Bartel, Inman

Halee Konrade, Inman

Daniel Gloria, Moundridge

Becca Schlossel, Moundridge


Two Dimensional Design

First place Emma Green, moundridge

Second Place Hunter Mellott, McPherson

Third Place Nathan Paulson, Elyria

Honorable Mention

Cole Price, Elyria


Three dimensional Design

First place Sarah Brunk, Moundridge

Second Place Katie Stucky   Moundridge

Third Place Zizi Sebrant, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Jerad Penner, Elyria

Logan Gilkey, Inman


Middle School Winners

Ceramics (Functional)

First place Addy Falco, Moundridge

Second Place Jacob Schwartz, Moundridge

Third Place Ady Baxter, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Stella Robinson, McPherson

Abe Banuelos, McPherson

Layton Wiens, Moundridge

Alexis Smith, McPherson

Kimber Schumaker, McPherson


Ceramics (Non-Functional)

First Place Addy Falco, Moundridge

Second Place Mlia Pfeiff, Moundridge

Third Place Jalen moran, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Owen Fetsch, McPherson

Emily Durst, Moundridge

Payton Soden, McPherson

Reese Schmidt, Moundridge

Aubree Durst, Moundridge


Pencil Drawing

First Place Gavinn Henry, McPherson

Second Place Anna Vogts, McPherson

Third Place Addy Ellis, Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention

Jerimias Gloria, Moundridge

Taniah Anderson, McPherson

Lexi Patterson, McPherson

Kadence Welch, Inman

Garrett Frose, Inman

Mercedes Ladwig, McPherson


Ink Drawing

First Place Sheyla Escobar, McPherson

Second Place Gavin Henry, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Keira McMillan, Smoky Valley

Landon Pelzel, McPherson

Atlanta Wing, McPherson

Colby Clarke, Elyria Christian

Cristina Pena McPherson

Cora Pavovich, McPherson


Charcoal, Pastels

First Place Amelia Britting, Elyria Christian

Second Place Ashlynn Conquest, Moundridge

Third Place Emma Stein, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Adalyn Herrera, McPherson

Jacob Gloria, Moundridge

Reid Graber, Miundridge

Jonathon Dossett, Elyria Christian

Kepple Adolf, Moundridge

Jacob Gloria, Moundridge


Colored Pencil, Crayon

First Place Grace Lacy, McPherson

Second Place Skyler Porter, McPherson

Third Place Emilee Perkins, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Jovanna Rodriguez, McPherson

Lacie Baxter, Inman

Kanbry Woods, Inman

Cora Pavlovich, McPherson

 Torie Price, Inman


Graphic Design

First Place Tinley Scott, Smoky Valley

Second place Adrian Hazelwood, Smoky Valley

Third Place Macy Reiff, Elyria Christian

Honorable Mention

Keaton Leiker, Smoky Valley

Addison Ebert, Smoky Valley

Nolan Moore, Smoky Valley

Jillian Fishback, Smoky Valley


Jewelry & Metalsmithing Functional & Non-Functional

First Place Jonathan Dossett, Elyria Christian

Second Place Isabella England, Smoky Valley

Third Place Alec Huddle, Elyria Christian

Honorable Mention

Anna Vogts, McPherson

Isabella England, Smoky Valley


Mixed Media

First Place Chantz Watkins. Smoky Valley

Second Place Gracie Nelson, McPherson

Third Place Carleen Lane, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Nethmi Hewawithharana, McPherson

Destiny Morrow, McPherson

Noelle Peters, Smoky Valley

Sydney Cummins, McPherson

Keanna Sullivan, McPherson

Jacob Schwartz, Moundridge

Lane Durst, Moundridge


Digital Photography

First Place Abbey McGowan, Elyria

Second Place Abbey McGowan, Elyria

Third Place Skyler Bowen, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Skyler Bowen, Moundridge

Chloe Weaver, Elyria


Photoshop, Altered Image Photography

First Place Addy Ellis, Smoky Valley

Second Place Maggie Ryals, Smoky Valley



First Place Zach  Marlisko, Inman

Second Place Mason Hewick, McPherson

Third Place Faith White, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Skyler Porter, McPherson

Eliyah Evans, McPherson

Sheyla Escobar, McPherson

Reid Graber, Moundridge

Mia Marquez, McPherson



First Place Landon Kaufman, Moundridge

Second Place Malia Pfeiff, Moundridge

Third place Macyn Ward,  McPherson

Honorable Mention

Aleyah Perry, McPherson

Olivia Mader, Smoky Valley

Noelle Peters, Smoky Valley

Lucas Beasley, Moundridge

Avery Rice, Moundridge

Courtney Huber, McPherson

Madison Moors, McPherson

Mira Carlson, McPherson 


Fiber Arts Textile Design

First Place Christian Clemmons, McPherson

Second Place Kaelyn Wedel, Moundridge

Third place Leland Hept, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Abe Banuelos, McPherson

Macie Woltje, Moundridge

Courtney Delaney, McPherson

Noelle Peters, Smoky Valley


Opaque Painting

First Place Jaiden Strickland, McPherson

Second Place Kaelynn Wedel, Moundridge

Third Place Sheyla Escobar, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Kira Blough, Moundridge

Kayla Lowery, McPherson

Justin Phillips, McPherson

Emilee Perkins, McPherson

Emily Fiedler, Moundridge

Jeremias Gloria, Moundridge

Keanna Sullivan, McPherson

Christina Pena, McPherson


Transparent Painting

First place Daniel Olsen, Elyria Christian

Second Place Ty Rains, Moundridge

Third Place Jory Ratzlaff, Canton-Galva

Honorable Mention

Cecelia Gloria, Moundridge

Emilee Perkins, McPherson

Carley Schmidt, Canton-Galva

Jordan Duncan, Canton-Galva

Olivia Mader, Smoky Valley

Shaylee Scheetz, McPherson

Keiry Santillian, McPherson

Nic Gingerich, Mound ridge

Roary Whorton, McPherson


Two Dimensional Design

First Place Haely Hagerman, McPherson

Second Place Allison Hipp, Smoky Valley

Third Place Avery Schrag, Moundridge

Honorable Mention

Marcail Wright, Smoky Valley

Lilly Robinson, McPherson

Matthew Krehbiel, Smoky Valley

Victoria Reimer, Elyria

Hope Duncan, Smoky Valley


Three Dimensional Design

First Place Keaton Leiker, Smoky Valley

Second Place Jace Grosse, McPherson

Third Place Stella Robinson, McPherson

Honorable Mention

Alexis Smith, McPherson

Christian Clemmons, McPherson