Integrity is often associated with the C.S. Lewis quote “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” It is also the characteristic that comes to mind when learning about this year's OMEGA honorees. The McPherson Chamber established the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award to recognize McPherson County 8th graders for making a difference by their compassionate gestures, positive attitudes, considerate actions and courage to overcome life’s challenges.  

The 2019 OMEGA honorees were nominated by teachers, neighbors, pastors, family friends and youth leaders who have noticed their kindness, resilience, and generosity. These eighth-graders have impacted the lives around them by their example and by their integrity, choosing their thoughts and actions based on their values. Impressive values that guide them to be respectful in their interactions and community minded in volunteering their time. These OMEGA honorees are intuitive, caring individuals who offer encouragement and prayer to those in need. 

Congratulations to the 2019 OMEGA honorees: Allie Stone, Asa Keough, Courtney Huber, Katelyn Phillips, Kelcie Kynaston, Laci Turner, Payton Hamilton, Sheyla Escobar and Ryder Norstrom. May they continue to lead with integrity.