WICHITA — Court records say a man charged with helping his girlfriend fatally stab her ex-stepfather told Wichita police that the couple was seeking revenge because of past sexual abuse.

The Wichita Eagle reports that an affidavit was unsealed Tuesday in the case against 24-year-old Micaela Spencer and 25-year-old Royce Thomas. They are charged with first-degree-murder and several other felonies in last month's meth-fueled killing of 50-year-old William Callison.

Police began investigating after Callison's boss, who owns an auto-dealership, saw the couple driving Callison's truck out of a storage facility. It was pulling the boss' trailer and was loaded with a $150,000 classic car.

Police tracked the truck to a camper, where they eventually found Callison's body. Spencer said the plan initially was to get money from Callison in exchange for sex.