This is the 12th year McPherson County Ulster Project’s will be hosting eight Northern Irish teens and two Northern Irish adult counselors.  The teens will live with their host families during the month of July.  

The host families include Maureen and Nick Sharp’s daughter, Sheridan Bliss; Jeff and Vicki Courtney’s daughter, Kori, and son, Cooper; Craig Jones and Lori Jones daughter, Emi; Michael and Kandee Schneider’s daughter, Hayden; Mike and Tammy Gipson’s son, Brennan; Jeff and Kristen Houston’s son, Alex, and in Moundridge, Jason and Summer Creed’s son, Jordan.  

The Irish counselors will be staying with John and Cindy Krehbiel and Hector and Illiana Carrillo. The two American counselors are Ty Goss and Jessie Bohnenblast. The Irish teens and counselors will arrive Saturday, June 28.

The vision of the Ulster Project is centered in Christianity, affirming peace and understanding between Roman Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland and the United States.  During the last decade there has been less violence and the situation has improved.  To promote peace and understanding, the Ulster Project is developing future leaders of these teens by building tolerance, trust and on-going positive relationships. 

The month of July is filled with activities of all kinds; community service projects, team and leadership building, encounter sessions, fund raisers, social activities. They also speak at some of civic organizations and tell of their experiences, and visit senior homes. 

The public is invited to several of our events: 

July 1  7:30 p.m.    Opening Ceremony at St. Joseph’s Church

July 20 9 a.m. to noon      Car Wash at Rinse and Roll, 701 N. Main St. in McPherson (Ulster Project Fundraiser)

July 25   7 p.m.  Variety Show McPherson Opera House

July 26  5:30 p.m.  Closing Ceremony at First United Methodist Church

The Ulster Project Committee would like to thank the community for their financial support and assistance with meals and activities.