The McPherson City Commission met for its regular meeting Monday and here is what you need to know:

According to the McPherson Industrial Development Company quarterly report, the civilian labor force in McPherson County is made up of 16,710 people. Of those 16,322 are employed, with 388 unemployed, for a 2.3% unemployment rate.

In addition to celebrate McPherson’s 60 years of success, MIDC invited the new Secretary of Commerce, David Toland, and his business recruitment team to do a familiarization tour to better understand McPherson’s industrial footprint, its growth goals, and its competitive advantages.  These representatives spent the afternoon on a full industrial tour, including depth visits of two of McPherson’s largest employers, CHS Refinery and Viega.


Building Inspection

Commissioners approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 3307, which amends Chapter 18, Vision III, Section 242 in regards to electric service disconnects. Having electrical service disconnects on the inside of a structure causes a health and safety issue for first responders, and potentially the occupants of the structure. This ordinance amends the electrical code to require all service disconnects to be installed on the exterior of all structures.


Public Works

The commission approved a motion to repair the pavement at the Old Kansas Highway 81 Bypass and Kansas Avenue intersection for an amount not to exceed $2,538.11.

Commissioners approved a motion for curb, gutter, sidewalk, and parking replacement along Elizabeth and Main Streets for a cost not to exceed $8,372.

The Eagle’s Wings Estates Unit 2, Phase I is progressing with the Sonora Drive tie in with Northview  completed as well as the Phase I Sonora Drive pavement. Phase II has seen final grading and rock base  nearly completed on Kaiser Court. Final grading for pavement was started on Sonora and Mackenzie.

The remainder of pavement was removed on Anna Street near Grimes. Tree removal was accomplished between First and Allison. No work was accomplished on the box culvert.

Work on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction progresses with the sanitary sewer  completion from the existing manhole south 210 feet and the new manhole was set. It was discovered that a main extension was going to be needed from Hancock 198 feet north to the newly installed manhole. The storm sewer on Hartup was installed from the existing inlet at the Hartup/Hancock intersection north to the mid-block and the inlet was completed. The additional sanitary sewer is scheduled for next week. The Hancock/Hartup intersection will be closed Monday to the west and will be re-opened late Monday or Tuesday. The intersection of Elizabeth/Hartup to the west will be closed in approximately two to three weeks.

Work started on the Safe Routes to School Project. Sidewalk was placed along Gilldersleeve, from Avenue A north to mid-block between Hays and Grant. They should get to Lincoln Street this week. They will then drop back to place the driveway approaches.

“I mis-spoke about the Hulse Area Drainage Project last week,” said Public Works Director Jeff Woodward. “I reported that it was scheduled to start last week. However, it is not scheduled to start until July 8. This project will improve the ditch from Main Street near Tractor Supply to First Street by the high school. The project will replace seven box culverts and install retaining walls and ditch lining in critical areas along the channel. The first box culvert constructed will be the one by Tractor Supply.”  



The regularly established Owner/Architect/Contractor Meeting regarding the McPherson Community Building will be held at the Hutton Construction Conference Room on July 2, at 10:30 a.m. Because more than one Commissioner may be present, this is considered an open meeting.