CANTON— What can’t Tia Moddelmog do?

Last weekend, Moddelmog was in Emporia competing in the Heptathlon during the USATF. Moddelmog represented the Shockers Track Club, a club located at Wichita State.

Only the top two finishers qualified for the Junior Olympics. Moddelmog just missed the cut after finishing third with 3,914 points, but she still put on an impressive display against the other top-tier high school athletes,

“There were really good athletes. One of the girls already signed, so she's already signed to run track there. She was really good. There was another girl who was a pretty good athlete." Moddelmog said.

Track and field is one of many sports Moddelmog competes in for Canton-Galva High School. Quite frankly, she plays on four different types of sports teams for the Eagles.

She makes an impact for each one. She's a starter in both basketball and volleyball. She's also a three-time state qualifier in track and field and is a state champion in the powerlifting competition. Whenever people come up to her and ask what sport she likes the best, she never has a straightforward answer.

"I get that question all the time, and I never had an answer for it. I've always done them all," Moddelmog said.

She started playing basketball when she was in first grade, and then later played volleyball and track and field when she reached middle school. By the time she reached high school, she has been on the grind nonstop on the field, and in the classroom.

The summertime is no different. Eventually, she got used to it.

"It does get hard because there's like three practices a day plus weights over the summer," Moddelmog said. “Freshman year was like a shock for us, and it just got more stacked throughout the years, I guess. Every summer is kind of like a different routine, but once you get into the routine, it's like 'okay, I got this.' I don't know what I would do if I didn't do it."

Moddelmog has received college interests in the Kansas area. Schools such as Friends University, Tabor College and Fort Hays State all are interested in Moddelmog for both track and basketball. Her main goal is to study sports medicine with the curiosity of how the body works.

"I love to see the cause and effect of the body like you do this and this happens, or you work this thing, and this happened, or you haven't worked this enough, or this is the cause of that. I've always been around sports to understand the body and weights are apart of it and the nutrition with all of that."

Moddelmog is looking forward to her senior year in which she is part of a large senior class that Canton-Galva has produced for quite some time. Moddelmog can't wait to graduate in 2020 with her fellow senior teammates and friends she grew up with in Canton.

"We've all grown up together," Moddelmog said. "We've been always getting into everything. It was just cool, especially last year when everything started to click for us. It's just so cool since we've been with each other all year to see how we all grown."

The Eagles athletic programs have continued to grow and improve each school year. Moddelmog, as involved as she is, loves the direction Canton-Galva is heading due to holding a high standard in its strength and conditioning led by football and girls basketball head coach Shelby Hoppes and Tyler O'Connor, powerlifting head coach.

"I really like it. My whole three years, it's always been like we haven't had a good culture. It's been hard to get people in the weight room or to really care what they are doing on the court," Moddelmog said. "My class has been trying since we've been here. Coach O'Connor and Coach Hoppes really have gotten it started to show what can be done. I think that's what taking over from the girls' side. We just want to show girls that this is how you work hard. and be successful in sports, everything that you are doing."

As Moddelmog enjoys the rest of her summer, she will return on the court as she gets ready for volleyball this fall. The Lady Eagles first practice of the school year will be on Aug.19. The Lady Eagles may have some returning seniors such as Moddelmog and Jayci Mastre returning, but there will also be some spots that will need to be filled this season.

"We've been through the last couple of years of where there is still a lot of growing, and there is a lot of struggles to work through," Moddelmog said. "I hope this year we put it all together and see where it will take us."

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