McPherson will be one of 10 communities highlighted in a documentary film about the arts in cities along I-70.

The film, titled "#Americart 2019," is being made by Legit Productions, a filmmaking company based in New York City.

"Anna Ruxlow (director of the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation) and I have been working together to make this opportunity happen," said McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau Community Information Coordinator Anne Kirchner. "There is great potential for state, national and international attention."

The documentary will focus on communities that provide art opportunities to all ages and social economic groups.

"They contacted us about a month ago to see if we wanted to be part of a documentary focusing on art and culture along the I-70 corridor," Kirchner said. ""Americart 2019 will explore what art means to Americans across the country."

"#Americart2019 is the first of a new generation of documentary film and series giving directly a voice to actual residents of small- and medium-size cities in America, with no filter, no preconceptions and no bias," said CEO of Legit Productions and #Americart2019 Executive Producer Pierre Gervois. We also want to encourage more domestic and international cultural travelers to discover the rich and diverse cultural heritage of lesser known U.S. cities and counties."

Possible organizations to be interviewed for the documentary include McPherson College's Automotive Restoration Technology Program, McPherson's Arts After School Program, the vocal programs at McPherson Middle School and McPherson High School, McPherson Opera House, McPherson Museum, The Clayworks, Bethany College's Swedish Crafts Program, Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery and Maxwell Wildlife Refuge.

"After visiting with the film producers, we decided to focus on art education in our county," Kirchner said.

The arts are supported and promoted through McPherson County's public schools, liberal arts colleges and specialized programs.

The Americart 2019 camera crew is scheduled to arrive on Aug. 24 and plans to film on Aug. 25 and 26.

"It will be an intense two days," Kirchner said.

A public event for people to sign a canvas during the documentary film crew's stay is also in the works.

"This documentary will be used as a marketing tool to encourage travelers to explore art and culture throughout the United States," Kirchner said.

The cost to participate in the documentary is $5,000, half of which will be covered by a grant from the McPherson County Community Foundation, with additional funding coming from the McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau.

"We are in the process of identifying a local industry for the remaining $1,250 needed," Kirchner said.

For more information about "#Americart 2019," visit The McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau will provide updates about the film crew's shooting schedule and locations as information is released.

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