Monday the McPherson City Commission took the final steps to create a Community Improvement District for street and water system improvements for a section of Champlin Street. 

The project will improve and link Champlin Street,” said city administrator Nick Gregory during Monday’s city commission meeting. 

The commission received  a valid petition from Anand Hotel Group, LLC in the proposed CID.  

The project will improve and lengthen Champlin Street by approximately 450 feet, extending  a new 12 inch city water main along the street. A new water line will connect to the existing water line that is on the south side of the frontage road and then be extended to the north 700 feet.  The project will include a new fire hydrant at the end of the new line. The current storm drainage system in the Champlin Street corridor and north and west of the street will be upgraded to include a drainage ditch that currently drains water to the west behind the Econo Lodge and Conoco station.  A storm water detention pond that is located on the west end of the current greenfield storm drainage ditch will also be upgraded as well. 

The CID would use an incremental sales tax of  2 percent to pay off improvements for a period of up to 22 years.  The City estimates that the payoff will occur between 8-10 years.   

“That is not a for sure amount. We are guessing what the sales tax will be on a new hotel,” Gregory said.”That is just and estimate.”

Two properties will be affected by the incremental tax —  both owned by Anand Hotel Group. 

The estimated cost of the project is set at $515,593.65.

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