Kayann Ausherman is a self taught mixed media artist from Haven who will host a workshop in McPherson next week.

“I often look to the natural world for the inspiration of my pieces,” Ausherman said. “Animals, landscapes, and plant life are the most common themes, though sometimes in conjunction with the human figure or manmade landscapes. Through representational abstract, I like to focus on both the process and idea of exploration of the world around me while using manmade papers, mediums, and patterns as the interface between the art I make and the world it represents.”

The McPherson Arts Alliance will host the workshop, Creating with Citra Solv I and II, with Ausherman as instructor on Oct. 19 in the Mary Anderson Arts Center, located in the lower level of the Historic McPherson Opera House.

Citra Solv I morning session, 9 a.m. to noon, will cover all the basics for using Citra Solv concentrated cleaner to alter the ink on National Geographic pages. Participants will create a number of beautiful papers to use in a favorite paper project.

Citra Solv II afternoon session, from 1 to 4 p.m., will offer more advanced techniques of using Citra Solv in mixed media artwork. Students will create an 11x14 frame ready piece of art.

Ausherman has always had a creative take on life even though her art career didn’t start until her children were grown. She grew up in rural Kansas with parents who were scientists. A degree in anthropology was followed by working for a free lance graphic designer, and then laying out computer schematics, first as a draftsman and then as a cad operator. A large family of adopted and biological children kept her busy for the next couple of decades until she returned to her childhood love of art in 2013. This lifetime of experiences and influences now finds its way into her current art. Rather than focus on realistic replication of her subject matter, she prefers a more whimsical representation. She feels the creative process is about experimentation and exploration of new ways to express the familiar, hopefully evoking an emotional connection. She often uses repurposed and unusual materials in her artwork like wrappers, envelopes, postage stamps, and “found” papers.

For more information or to sign up, call 620.241.6131