Artist Terri Tharp will host a workshop from 10 4 p.m. Nov. 2.  in the Mary Anderson Art Center, located in the lower level of the Historic McPherson Opera House.

“A Paper Chandelier is a whimsical mobile. Paper Chandeliers can tell a story, feed a passion, create a party, celebrate a milestone entertain a child, lighten the moment, set the scene, cheer a friend, decorate your home and make your day,” Tharp said.  

Terri Tharp’s Chandeliers have been featured in the ‘Where Women Create’ magazine.One of Tharp’s Paper Chandeliers is currently on display in the lobby of the McPherson Opera House.                                

“I will show you the steps I use in covering the frame and making fanciful paper scallops. You will learn how to create chains of pretty paper circles, prisms and beads and make the paper parts used to hang them,“ Tharp said. 

To sign-up or for more information, call the McPherson Arts Alliance, 620-241-6131