Canton Mayor One seat   Tony Wedel Uncontested         Canton Counci One seat   Gaxton Bezrucik Uncontested   Gabe Griffith Uncontested         Galva Mayor One seat   Myrna Waline 151 77.00% Stephanie Unruh 45 23.00%       Galva Council Two seats   Scott Unruh Uncontested   Dave Andes Uncontested         Inman Council Three seats   David K. Thiessen Uncontested   Scott Schriner Uncontested   Darin Pote Uncontested         Lindsborg Mayor One seat   Becky Anderson Uncontested         Lindsborg Council – Wd1 One seat   Rebecca N. Van Der Wege Uncontested         Lindsborg Council – Wd2 One seat   Kirsten Bruce Uncontested         Lindsborg Council – Wd3 One seat   Rick Martin Uncontested         Lindsborg Council – Wd4 One seat   Emile Gallant Uncontested         Marquette Mayor One seat   Karena Hunziker 126 72.00% Rusty Young 50 28.00%       Marquette City Council Three seats   Scott M. Johnson Uncontested   Autum Lustfield Uncontested   Dixon Johnson Uncontested         McPherson Commissioner of Public Facilities One seat   Gary Mehl 1698 75.00% Michael Yates 572 25.00%       McPherson Commissioner of Public Works One seat   Larry E. Wiens 1125 50.00% Anne Hassler Heidel 646 29.00% Richard E. Keim 478 21.00%       Moundridge City Council Two seats   Kent Winsky Uncontested   Jeremy Moore Uncontested         Windom Mayor One seat   Janis Bernd Uncontested         Windom City Council Two seats   Alice Jo Taylor 20 43.00% Dennis Holmquist 20 43.00% Chelsea Bernd 7 15.00%