Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) students from McPherson High School attended the JAG-K Leadership Development Conference last week at Wichita State University.

“The Leadership Development Conference is a great opportunity for our students to attend

presentations on topics including time management, career preparation and college life,” said

McPherson High School JAG-K Career Specialist Katelyn Loecker. “They were also able to tour a college campus, which is an important experience for our students.”

Each JAG-K Career Association elects up to four officers to represent their school, and these are

the students invited to attend the conference each fall. More than 250 students from 53 schools statewide traveled to the conference, including four students from McPherson High School: Cali Dykes, Kyra Byrd, Luke Riley, Elaulus Reazin

The conference featured a keynote speech from Secretary Delia Garcia from the Kansas

Department of Labor. Sec. Garcia described the barriers she herself experienced while growing

up and encouraged the students to become “comfortable with being uncomfortable” as they

tackle life’s challenges.

JAG-K is a multi-year, in-school program for students in grades 7-12 that serves over 3900

students in 79 schools in 41 districts across the state. The nationally accredited, evidence-based

model provides tools to successfully transition students into post-secondary school, the military

or directly into the workforce with marketable skills. JAG-K students had a 98 percent

graduation rate.

The 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization is one of 39 state affiliate organizations of Jobs for

America’s Graduates and is primarily funded through the Temporary Assistance for Needy

Families block grant to the State of Kansas administered by DCF. In addition to school districts

and DCF, JAG-K partners with the Kansas Department of Education. Other JAG-K funding

sources include AT&T, John Deere, and Taco Bell.

Learn more about JAG-K at, ‘Jobs for America’s Graduates- Kansas’

on Facebook, and on Twitter at @JAG_Kansas.