MTC of Little River announced Monday that two applicants they sponsored were both recipients of $5,000 grants through the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), in cooperation with NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association.

Winners of those grants were USD 444 Little River and Lyons Middle School.

Unified School District 444 (Little River) was awarded $5,000 to purchase robotic starter kits for a growing Vex robotics program

Lyons Middle School was awarded $5,000 to purchase IHT spirit system heart rate monitors to track student's activity levels.

The FRS provides annual grants for programs in rural communities served by NTCA members such as MTC. In addition to being a NTCA member, MTC writes letters of support and submits all grant applications for their service area. MTC is also responsible for contributing 10% of the winnings for any applicants they sponsor. Considering this is a nationwide grant, MTC was ecstatic to have two of their six sponsored applicants named as winners!

Grant winners are primarily projects that are Broadband enabled or technology-focused, have a long-term impact for the community and its residents, promote community participation and engagement, or that make rural communities a better place to live and work! These incredible communities each reflect the vision, service and innovation at the heart of rural America. Their winning projects help rural communities across the United States overcome an array of challenges, including access to technology, improving educational offerings, and providing telemedicine and first-responder services to rural areas.