Four State Farm Show to move to PSU

PITTSBURG — After 36 years at a rural location south of town, the Four State Farm Show is coming to the Robert W. Plaster Center at Pittsburg State University this year.

The change of venue was announced Tuesday at a press conference at the Plaster Center featuring several speakers, including Kansas Secretary of Commerce David Toland.

“On behalf of Gov. Kelly, we are absolutely thrilled that the Four State Farm Show will remain in the state of Kansas,” Toland said. “We think this is a tremendous opportunity to amplify what’s great about this event, the opportunity it brings to shine light on the state’s ag sector and the many suppliers and businesses that support that sector, and there is no better venue than the Plaster Center here at Pittsburg State.”

The 2020 Four State Farm Show — an event that typically draws tens of thousands of visitors and has an economic impact of over $1 million — will take place May 29 through May 31. It previously was held in Cherokee County.

County dealing with dwindling exchange

NEWTON — Each year, Harvey County Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Meier comes before the county commission with information on the federal fund exchange available through the Kansas Department of Transportation, presenting the 2020 figures at the commission meeting on Tuesday.

Since 2011, those funds have continued to shrink. Even with the exchange rate going back to 90% last year (after a brief shift to 75%), those figures have continued to drop — with $168,279.98 available to Harvey County in 2020, a decrease of 13% or roughly $25,000 from the previous year.

Part of the reason behind the decrease, Meier pointed out, is that KDOT is adjusting the formula required to balance federal funds — which are split between cities, counties and other state programs. In doing so, adjustments are expected to bring more money to cities and other state programs.

Given the continually decreasing funds, Commission Chairman Randy Hague questioned if the federal fund exchange program would even exist in 10 more years.