For the McPherson Fire Departments's newest captain, Luke Green, his path of advancement may look familiar.

"I just followed in my father's footsteps," Green said. "He was a firefighter for 32 years."

Green's father, Rod, served with the McPherson Fire Department for 32 years — filling the same role that his son is now taking on, as captain of the A shift.

Officially taking over with the A shift on Feb. 25, Cpt. Green doesn't foresee too much changing in his role with the McPherson Fire Department. The move to captain, in fact, was part of what he called the "natural progression of a firefighter."

Beginning with MFD on paid call in 2001, Green was hired as a full-time firefighter in 2006 and then slowly worked his way up to captain

Through his role with the MFD, like the rest of the crew, Green has to be ready to protect the lives and property of the citizens of McPherson in a number of situations (trench rescue, hazardous materials, swift water, building collapse, etc.).

While Green joked that his stress levels may increase a little as a captain, the main difference he sees in changing roles is more oversight. As captain, he oversees the reports and will delegate to his lieutenant to make sure the daily duties are getting done. He is also looking forward to some new opportunities that come with the role of captain.

"One of our biggest jobs is inspections, getting out, being with the public and providing them with education on fire safety," Green said. "That's one of the biggest parts of my job is doing fire inspections; I'm actually kind of looking forward to that."

During his career so far, Green admitted one of the best experiences he's had in the department has been getting the chance to work alongside his father — who stayed on paid call with the MFD for 15 years after transitioning from an administrative role.

Having his father on hand for his pinning as a captain was also a very meaningful experience for Green.

"It was very significant," Green said. "It was awesome."

Making the shift to captain, Green said he believes his leadership abilities and positivity will help him adapt to that role. Seeing his father serve in the same role has also prepared him. His father built strong relationships empowering the younger firefighters and Green said he aims to do the same — preparing the next wave to take over as lieutenants and captains as he follows that natural progression.