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The McPherson County Health Department confirmed the first presumptive-positive case of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Harvey County March 26.

The case in McPherson involves 70-year-old woman who recently went on a cruise. According to the McPherson County Health Department, she is recovering in isolation at home. Close contacts and those who were exposed will be “notified as soon as possible.”

At about the same time McPherson County made its announcement, Haarvey County identified its first case as well.

The confirmed case is a Harvey County man in his 20s. The individual is in home isolation. The Health Department and KDHE will regularly monitor the individual, as well as follow up on all contacts.

Investigation of both cases is just beginning.

A stay-at-home order for Harvey County will be on the next county commission agenda — that meeting is set for Tuesday. The county commission is also the Harvey County Board of Health.

Stay-at-home orders restrict people from leaving their homes for anything other than essential activities like purchasing groceries, going to the doctor and shopping in other essential businesses as defined by the order.

Both cases were identified through testing at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will verify results, but the case is treated as confirmed unless determined otherwise.

Thursday KDHE had confirmed 168 cases of COVID-19 in Kansas, not including the case in McPherson County or the case in Harvey County. The first confirmed case in the state was identified in Johnson County on March 7.

The KDHE has a phone hotline available to answer questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 at 1-866-534-3463. Resources are also available at