Anderson County Jr/Sr High: Nicholas Lybarger, child of Dave and Myra Lybarger, John Brown University.

Arkansas City High School: Braylee Ruyle, child of Kyle and Angie Ruyle, Friends University.

Atchison High School: Emily Tull, child of Miranda and Jeremy Tull, Missouri Western State University.

Augusta Senior High School: Juan Miranda, child of Juan Miranda and Irma Miranda.

Belle Plaine High School: Taylor Bohannon, child of Branden and Tori Bohannon.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School: Augustine Hauge, child of Jeffrey and Joanne Hauge, University of Notre Dame.

Blue Valley Northwest High School: Kenny Liou, child of Changbor and Elaine Liou.

Blue Valley West High School: Pooja Jain, child of Jyotsna Jain and Sunil Jain, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bluestem High School: Nicholas Laidler, child of Butch and Jodie Laidler.

Burlingame High School: Kade Alan Kline, child of Kris and Tricia Kline, Wichita State University.

Burlington High School: Dakota Jesse, child of David and Nancy Jesse, University of Kansas.

Caney Valley High School: Erin Ritter, child of Jennifer Ritter and Shawn Ritter, Washington University in St. Louis.

Canton-Galva High School: Latia Moddelmog.

Central Plains Jr/Sr High School: Delaney Rugan, child of Janel and Richard Rugan, Kansas State University.

Centralia High School: Kamble Haverkamp, child of Travis and Nickie Haverkamp, Kansas State University or Butler Community College.

Cheney High School: Ashlynn Fairall, child of Paul and Becky Fairall, Friends University.

Cherryvale: Gavin Hooper, child of Jon Hooper.

Concordia Jr/Sr High School: Jacob Williams, child of Francis and Carrie Williams.

Council Grove High School: Shyanne Allen, child of Nick and Amy Allen, Emporia State University.

Cunningham High School: Holly DeWeese, child of Scott and Judy DeWeese.

De Soto High School: Corinne Daise, child of Bruce and Michelle, University of Alabama.

Decatur Community High School: Erin Rose May, child of Roger and Susan May, Kansas State University.

Derby High School: Shelby Clinton, child of Brian and Jennifer Clinton, Kansas State University.

Dexter High School: Emma Boatman, child of Steve and Gina Boatman, Cowley County Community College.

Dighton High School: Ella Roberts, child of Glenn and Rene' Roberts, Kansas State University.

Doniphan West High School: Stetson Montana Diveley, child of Dean and Brenda Diveley, Emporia State University.

El Dorado High School: Jake Johnson, child of Roger Johnson and Kacie Johnson, Emporia State University.

Ellinwood High School: Kyler Doll, child of Monte and Robin Doll, Fort Hays State University.

Emporia High School: Connor Hauff.

Eudora High School: Emily Howard, child of Michael and Melissa Howard, Baylor University or Kansas State University.

Fort Scott High School: Zoe Self, child of Dr. Max and Karen Self, Rockhurst University.

Frankfort High School: Catherine Kee, child of Micah and Sonya Kee, Wichita State University.

Garden Plain High School: Natasha Dooley, child of Steve and Cyndi Dooley, Cloud Community College then Kansas State University.

Golden Plains High School: Taryn Fleckenstein, child of Eric and Mindy Fleckenstein-Jennings, Fort Hays State University.

Hanover High School: Caleb Martin, child of Dennis Martin, Kansas State University.

Highland Park High School: LiliAnna Lucio, child of Jessica Shuckahosee, University of Kansas.

Hillsboro High School: Olivia Jury, child of Steve and Kathy Jury, Tabor College.

Hope High School: Holly Brockmeier, child of Glen and Nancy Brockmeier, Emporia State University.

Hugoton High School: Sydney Beesley, child of Don and Renee Beesley, Kansas State University.

Inman High School: Rachel Harman, child of Todd and Janell Harman, Kansas State University.

Jackson Heights: Kylie Dohl, child of Kristi and Christopher Dohl, Kansas State University.

Jayhawk-Linn: Brody E White, child of Shane and Theresa White.

Jefferson West High School: Erin Bowman, child of Randy and Mindy Bowman, University of Kansas.

Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School: Ethan Truong, child of Phu Truong and Sonida Douangpraseuth.

Kingman High School: Audrey Birkenbaugh, child of Jason and Becky Birkenbaugh.

Kiowa County High School: Ashlind Gumpenberger, child of Brian and Traci Gumpenberger, Kansas State University.

Lawrence Free State High School: Julia Holder, child of Mark and Kris Holder, Columbia University.

Lawrence High School: Lisa Yang, child of Chun-Jing Liu and Cheng Yang, Vanderbilt University.

Leoti-Wichita County: Johanna Ridder, child of Bret and Traci Ridder, Kansas State University.

Life Preparatory Academy: Esther Llanos Llorca, child of Ana Llorca Quilez, The University of Tampa.

Lincoln Jr/Sr High School: Carson Walter, child of Chad and Christi Walter, Kansas State University.

Linn High School: Emily Myers, child of Matthew and Cindy Myers, Washburn University.

Lyndon High School: Shaun Houser, child of Kim and Roy Houser.

Lyons High School: Daci Stover, child of George and Trisha Stover, Southwestern College.

Macksville High School: Gabriel Edward Wolff, child of Aaron and Laura Wolff, University of Kansas.

Maize High School: Jason Liang-Lin, child of Chimin Lin and Xiaoyun Pan.

Marion High School: Chloe Burkholder, child of Kevin and Kris Burkholder, Fort Hays State University.

Maur Hill-Mount Academy: Emma Buhman-Wiggs, child of Adam and Anita Buhman-Wiggs, Drake University.

Mission Valley High School: Grace Deters, child of John and Tekina Deters, Baker University School of Nursing.

Natoma High School: Alyvia Zeigler, child of Tracy and Annette Zeigler.

Nemaha Central: Hunter Steinlage, child of Mike and Nancy Steinlage, Kansas State University.

Neodesha High School: Kodi Taylor, child of Ramon Taylor and Melissa Taylor, Pittsburg State University.

Ness City High School: Ashley Foos, child of Bryan and Jennifer Foos, Emporia State University.

Newton High School: Jaden Anton, child of Marc and Stephanie Anton, Kansas State University.

Northern Heights High School: Khylee Massey, child of Lanny and Dawn Massey, Johnson County Community College.

Northwest High School: Jacky Lin, child of Fei Lin and Gui Ying Yang, University of Kansas or Georgia Tech.

Olpe High School: Mallory Kueser, child of Craig and Carrie Kueser, Emporia State University.

Onaga High School: Kady Jae Figge, child of Keith and Beverly Figge, Kansas State University.

Oswego High School: Shailan Phillips, child of Melanie Phillips, Pittsburg State University.

Parsons High School: Alexis Dawn Harper, child of Russ and Sarah Nordt.

Pawnee Heights High School: Harrison VanMeter, child of Justin VanMeter.

Peabody-Burns High School: Morgan Gaines, child of Jarrod and Jennifer Gaines.

Pleasanton High School: Cole Cunningham, child of Laura and Matt Cunningham, University of Kansas.

Prairie View High School: Ashlyn Kirkpatrick, child of Rick and Amy Kirkpatrick, Pittsburg State University.

Pratt High School: Kahrie Stegman, child of Richard and Deborah.

Quinter High School: Abby Herl, child of Robert and Chris Herl.

Riley County High School: Rachel Phillips, child of Julie Jenkins, Park University.

Riverton High School: Danielle Weaver, child of Danny and Charlene Weaver, Neosho County Community College.

Rock Creek Jr/Sr High School: Abbigail Clark, child of Jody Toerber-Clark and Mike Clark, Butler County Community College the University of Kansas or Kansas State University.

Royal Valley High School: Cassidy Parks, child of David and Debbie, Wichita State University.

Saint Paul High School: Adam Albertini, child of Ross and Gina Albertini.

Salina Central High School: Luke Stanford, child of Lee Stanford and Stacy Yavonne Stanford.

Santa Fe Trail High School: Cole Graham, child of Patrick and Trisha Graham, University of Kansas.

Scott Community High School: Madison Shapland, child of Clint and Stephanie Shapland, Fort Hays State University.

Sedgwick High School: John Copeland, child of Steven and Debra Copeland.

Sharon Springs High School: Aubrey Kuhlman, child of Mark and Jenny Kuhlman, Benedictine College.

Skyline High School: Ryan Adams, child of Gerald Adams and Jeanette Adams, University of Kansas.

Solomon High School: Cameron Miller, child of Denise and Todd Miller.

South Central High School: Sorel R. Peterson, child of Tim and Shelly Peterson, Emporia State University.

South Gray High School: Taylor Axtell, child of Matthew and Rebeckah Axtell, Barton Community College.

South Haven High School: Rachel Turek, Kansas State University.

Southeast High School: Ashlyn Cassidy, child of Darin and Theresa Cassidy, University of Kansas.

St. John’s Catholic High School: Emily Eilert, child of Sheri and Brian Eilert, Kansas State University.

St. Marys Jr/ Sr High School: Scott Ewing, child of Andy and Julie Ewing, Kansas State University.

Sumner Academy of Arts and Science: Valeria Martinez, child of Martha Arzabala and Victor Martinez, Rice University.

Tescott High School: Montana Peterson, child of Willy Peterson and Jo Taddiken.

Thomas More Prep-Marian: Maggie Speno, child of Tim and Jessica Speno, Fort Hays State University.

Topeka Seaman High School: Andrew Patton, child of Fred and Kim Patton, University of Kansas.

Topeka West High School: Lindy Karrer, child of Stephanie and Steve Karrer, Kansas State University.

Trinity Catholic High School: Michael Maldonado, child of Teresa Starks, University of Kansas.

Troy High School: Kael William Morris, child of Terry and Amy Horner, University of Kansas.

Valley Center: Ellie Shank , child of Scott and Heather Shank, Louisiana State University.

Valley Falls High School: William Monroe Willhite, child of Alvin and Tami Willhite, University of Kansas.

Wabaunsee High School: Sierra Lynn Quathamer, child of Joyce and Geard Quathamer, Washburn University.

Washington County High School: Grace Otott, child of Jeff and Nancy Otott, Kansas State University.

West Elk High School: Ashley Cookson, child of Dan and Rhonda Cookson; Teri Cookson, Emporia State University.

Wichita Heights High School: Jessica Taylor, child of Jessie and Altina Taylor.

Wichita High School South: Eli Curry, child of Bart and April Curry, Wichita State University.

Wilson High School: Brandalyn Thyfault, child of Sondra Thyfault.