Today's installment of Throwback Thursday takes us the northeast corner of 13th Avenue and North Main Streets.

Howard Mervine decided to move back to Hutchinson in 1920 and build a new building and open his own business. He opened Mervine Garage at 1300 North Main and sold United States Tires & Conoco Gasoline. In 1935, the garage became insolvent and was sold at auction.

Builder Curtis Peugh built a new storefront on the old garage and it became a Safeway Grocery Store in late 1935. The building was a Safeway until 1948 when Harry Coberly, who had a drug store across the street at 1301 N. Main, decided he needed more space and moved to 1300 N. Main. Harry's son, Mark succeeded him in the business and successfully ran the drug store until his retirement in 2011.

After that, Mark subdivided the building and continues to rent out the spaces. The building today has Edward Jones Investments occupying the 1302 slot and Angels Care Home Health Care occupying the 1300 slot. The building is currently owned by Shamar1300.L.L.C.