Thumbs up 

Coffee with a Cop opens conversation

We give a thumbs up to the law enforcement officers and members of the public who participated in Monday’s Coffee with a Cop.

This event gave residents a chance to sit down with officers and deputies in a neutral setting. The national initiative seeks to foster goodwill amongst communities with their law enforcement.

At a time when tensions between civilians and officers can be high, we’re glad people are taking the time to relax and get to know each other.

Towers approved to measure wind

We give a thumbs up to the McPherson County Commission for granting permission for towers that will measure whether wind farms are a viable option in McPherson County.

Wind power is a renewable, cleaner way to get power. By allowing this study, the county opens the doors to allow more options for generating power.

We hope the county will continue to be friendly toward new ways of generating power.

Voters make their voices heard

We give a thumbs up to everyone in McPherson County who cast their vote in Tuesday’s primary elections.

Several candidates, from local officials to federal representatives, were in competition, and voters should exercise their right to decide which candidate is best for the job.

We hope even more people will turn out to vote in the general election in November, when the next president of the United States will be decided.

James kickstarts a touchy topic

We give a thumbs up to Trudy James for helping people discuss end-of-life decisions.

James is the founder and CEO of Heartwork, a Seattle-based group focused on encouraging these conversations before it’s too late. Bringing up these subjects can be difficult and emotional, but discussing them beforehand can make decisions much easier as end-of-life approaches.

We hope James’ group will continue to help people have tough but rewarding talks.

Canton-Galva FBLA takes third in nation

We give a thumbs up to the Canton-Galva FBLA team for their stellar performance at the FBLA National Conference.

Their efforts to establish a Canton-Galva Chamber of Commerce netted them a third-place ranking, and students competed in other areas as well against FBLA students from across the nation.

We congratulate them for their efforts and hope they continue to do good in our communities.

Local law enforcement trains for crises

We give a thumbs up to Windom and McPherson police and McPherson County deputies for their joint training session in June.

This day-long training gave these officers the chance to plan for situations like an active shooter or hostage. This will allow them to better respond if a real crisis emerges, as well as refine and improve their plans.

We hope this training serves our officers well in protecting our communities.