Thumbs up

Lindsborg buildings headed for national register

We give a thumbs up to those who gathered the information needed to have the buildings at 109, 111 and 113 N. Main St. in Lindsborg nominated for placement on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lindsborg has always taken pride in its history and heritage. Brenda Spencer of Spencer Preservations put together the 28-page form detailing the history, construction and old photographs of the two-story brick commercial buildings. If Saturday's review is successful, the buildings will be listed on the Kansas Register of Historic Places, and Spencer said she expected a positive review from the national register to follow in 10 to 12 weeks.

We congratulate Spencer for preserving history.

Clothing swap to stop modern slavery

We give a thumbs up to Set Free for organizing a clothing swap to combat modern slavery.

Proceeds will go to Refuge Ministry, which assists women transitioning from prison to society in Wichita. Women in the criminal justice system who are transferring to society are very vulnerable because they may not have a home or a place to sleep right away, and some of these women could be in the system because they were trafficked into the sex industry and convicted for it, even though they were taken.

We hope this fundraiser helps women make safe transitions and build a solid foundation for a better life.

Mud volleyball ends summer break

We give a thumbs up to Marquette for keeping up its mud volleyball tradition.

This messy activity marks the beginning of a new school year, with teams competing for dirt-covered glory. It brings the community together for a fun day.

We hope this tradition continues to bring joy and fun to Marquette.

Moundridge promotes town with videos

We give a thumbs up to Moundridge for using YouTube to attract new residents and businesses.

It recently unveiled its channel, which hosts videos explaining why residents like the town and why businesses like working there. New businesses like to know about towns when considering new locations, so this project could boost Moundridge’s economy as well.

We hope this project helps people see how great our communities are.

Student publishes thoughts on life

We give a thumbs up to McPherson College student Christopher Bell for publishing 10 books over two years about thoughts on life, the Bible and its applications.

Bell started sharing his thoughts on Facebook, and with some help was able to compile them into a book. Since then, he has sought to share his thoughts and views through simple messages about life.

We hope he continues to share his thoughts, and that those who read his words can find ways to apply them to their lives.

Election results tallied

We give a thumbs up to the workers at the County Clerk’s office for diligently checking all ballots and votes to ensure all votes were counted correctly.

Doing so can be a challenge, especially when workers have to verify provisional ballots. Though some people would have liked to see results sooner, we’re glad they took the time to do it right.

The Sentinel wishes all candidates the best of luck in the general election.

— Josh Arnett for the McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board.