I moved back to McPherson recently after living elsewhere ever since I graduated from K-­State. I am 45 years old now, so I have been away a while.

Most of that time was spent in very conservative places like Texas and South Carolina, so I understand that the political views of folks in here might be a little different than what I am used to. But I did not think the average person here had changed much in their views. After all, life in McPherson hasn’t really changed all that much in the last 25 years.

The town hasn’t grown that much, most people are still employed by mostly the same companies, wheat fields are still everywhere, and Dillons still seems to be the grocery store that most people frequent. But evidently some things in McPherson HAVE really changed.

I was at the barber shop about a week ago and during my haircut, a conversation about the Democratic National Convention began between the barber and some of the other customers. The conversation involved an enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the barber, and enthusiastic agreement by everyone else in the shop.

Now I know that the country has moved left in the past decade. I know that a socialist made a realistic bid for the democratic nomination this year. I attributed this to kids who are too young to know any better.

But the people discussing politics in this barber shop were all adults who should have been old enough to know better.

Over the past few months I have pictured most Hillary voters to be holding their noses when they voted because they just couldnt bring themselves to NOT vote for the democratic candidate. I still want to believe that. I do not want to believe someone as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary Clinton could win, and I certainly don’t want to believe they could command enthusiastic support. But now I am not so sure.

I think this says more about the voters than it says about Hillary.

Glenn Pendlay is a McPherson resident.