One thing that always amazes me is the fact that minorities vote overwhelmingly for liberal democratic candidates. The democratic party went from being the party of slavery and the KKK to being the party that commands upwards of 90 percent of the votes from some of the very groups they oppresses in the past — and in truth, still oppress today.

The liberal politicians in the democratic party will fight tooth and nail to keep in place the policies which have created what now seems to be an almost permanent underclass in this country. School choice is a perfect example.

Graduation rates for minority children lag behind rates for white kids by an embarrassing amount. Of the kids that do graduate, the percentage reading on at least a fourth grade level is a travesty. In a lot of cities the education system is not failing, it has already failed.

How are these kids that are so woefully unprepared for the workforce supposed to get a job?

Yet the democratic party stands solidly in the way of providing a way out of these failed schools.

I could understand African ­Americans voting over 90 percent for democrats if that party was providing them or their kids with a way out of the educational wasteland that is today’s inner city neighborhood. But the residents of the mostly minority populated inner cities have sold their votes too cheaply. They could have held out for economic empowerment zones to help attract business and jobs to these neighborhoods, and school choice with a voucher program to get kids OUT of failed violence saturated schools and into effective educational environments.

These two ideas have many advantages, but they have one big disadvantage from a liberal standpoint. They would EMPOWER minority voters by helping them get out of the endless cycle of permanent welfare dependency. They would build pride, self respect, and a sense of ownership in their own neighborhoods. This is dangerous to the mostly white liberal politicians who depend on these populations being dependent on them and beholden to them.

As a society, we all have a stake in providing a path toward the American Dream for every single citizen. What will happen when the masses decide to stop selling their collective votes for a few crumbs from the white liberal tables? Either something really really great, or something very very bad.

Glenn Pendlay is a McPherson resident.