More money. More money, that’s the constant refrain of school administrators and the KNEA. Really? You need more money when you are already receiving well over half of the entire Kansas budget?

Who could we take money from so that you can have more? Maybe we should take some from the prisons and release prisoners early. Would that help? Or maybe we could just stop repairing roads and highways. Surely people would not mind their car alignment or their transmissions being damaged by potholes. After all, it’s for the children.

How about cuts to Medicare and assistance to the elderly? Just because baby boomers are getting older doesn’t mean we will have to have more money to take care of them. Oh, there’s also the expenditures on those with mental health problems. Maybe we could cut funding there. Meals on Wheels? Which is more important, our children’s education or feeding people?

We could reverse Gov. Sam Brownback’s efforts to save KPERS and let it go bankrupt as it was under the Sebelius administration. Who needs to retire anyway?

And what is all this “more money” for? The SAT and ACT scores for students continue to decline, despite more money. Building Taj Mahal-type schools seems to be a priority across the state. Oh, and we must continue giving six-figure salaries to many school administrators. They are the ones telling us they need more money.

More money is not the answer. Fewer administrators with less in salaries is a good start to improving education.

David Alan is a Wichita resident.