On July 12, my husband Dennis and I were on our way home from Wichita. We stopped at Montana Mike’s to eat around 3:30 p.m. We about finished our meal when my husband started to cough. He asked me to get some napkins. I went to get napkins and when I turned around, he was passed out on the floor.

Someone called 911. A young man came forward and asked he if could help. He called 911 and began CPR, taking turns with the manager of Montana Mike’s until EMTs got there.

In all the confusion, I didn't get the young man’s name.

I would like to ask McPherson help me find this young man. I feel that he should be given a very special award; also the manager of Montana Mike’s. THIS MAN DIDN'T HAVE TO COME FORWARD TO HELP! Some day I would like to meet this young man and THANK HIM!

I would also like to thank the manager of Montana Mike’s and the employees for their kindness they showed us.

Susan Mazouch is a McPherson resident.