Thumbs up 

Birds counted for science

We give a thumbs up to everyone who participated in this year’s Christmas Bird Count.

Though the event was delayed until the new year, the annual count is a fun way for people to get outdoors and learn about birds. The data collected helps ornithologists track bird populations, and can also signal environmental trouble.

We hope more people will participate next December in this fun activity.

Vaccine clinic protects pets

We give a thumbs up to Moundridge for its annual vaccination clinic today.

This annual event is a chance for dog and cat owners to catch up on common vaccines. Moundridge residents can also register their dogs at the same time. This not only protects pets against disease, but also makes it easier for pets to be returned to their owners when they go missing.

We hope the community takes advantage of this resource.

Gun course for women

We give a thumbs up to Tresure Chest Gun Shop for hosing a gun safety class specifically for women.

Studies show more women than ever are using handguns for self-defense, and adequate training is essential. This course will cover the basics of how to handle a firearm safely, so that women can be prepared if the worst should happen.

We hope this class is a success, and that training promotes a safer community for everyone.

Bethany students shine light on war

We give a thumbs up to the Bethany College students who have put together a website illustrating Lindsborg’s contributions to World War I.

Led by Dr. Thomas Jorsch, this project partnered college students with the Old Mill Museum. It also highlights the war’s impact on Lindsborg. Topics include effects on local festivals and traditions, student life and the people from Lindsborg who served their country. It includes articles and photographs from the time period.

We hope this collection becomes treasured by all as a record of Lindsborg’s influence on the national and world stage.

YMCA starts Sunday Fun Days

We give a thumbs up to the McPherson Family YMCA for launching a Sunday Fun Day program.

Taking place on second Sundays through March, this free family event encourages people old and young to come together and build a community environment.

We hope this program is a success, and that it strengthens the community bonds of McPherson.

Mija doing well

We give a thumbs up to Mija Stockman, her family, and her supporters as she travels the road of recovery.

Stockman was seriously injured in a car accident three years ago. It was determined that the driver who hit her car was driving under the influence. Despite the challenges, Stockman has never lost hope. She is working to build her stamina and speaking about the consequences of drunk driving.

We applaud Stockman for her determination and her family and community for its outpouring of support over the last three years.

Tech improves education

We give a thumbs up to schools using video chat technology to enhance education for their students.

Options include virtual field trips, which allow students to visit places across the world, and video chats, which bring students and experts together.

We applaud schools for using this technology constructively, and hope students continue to benefit by broadened horizons.

— Josh Arnett for the McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board.