We will soon face the prospects of a Trump presidency.

The inauguration of our 45th President is almost near. We will soon face the prospects of a Trump presidency.

Many Americans look at this fact with great apprehension and uncertainty. One looks at other inaugurations to face the future.

George Washington spoke very strongly about a divided country. His feeling was that political parties would split our country. In a sense, he was right. Political parties are a means by which our nation is governed. In other ways, the rhetoric between the two major parties leaves little room to compromise.

There are many issues we face as a nation. Health care is a major one. How we take care of our senior citizens will say a lot about us as a nation. We have some of the latest medical technology. Will all Americans have the insurance to afford it? That is one of the major issues we face and one which President Trump will have to deal with.

Another issue has to deal with safety. Not a day goes by where we do not hear about a violent act or a terrorist threat. President Trump has promised to address this issue also. It is a national concern which all aspects of our government must deal with.

Cyber attacks are a part of this growing concern about our security. For many of us, we do not even understand what all of this entails. If you are like me, owning a cell phone is as technologically savvy as we have become. Unfortunately, many of us do not want to go much further than that. The new president will have to deal with that as well.

Income disparity is something that has plagued our nation since the very beginning. However, in recent times it has seemed to grow greater. The top 1 percent has accumulated massive amounts of wealth at the expense of the rest. The issue of fairness and equity also needs to be addressed. It can hardly be looked at if the new president is proposing a huge tax cut for the very wealthy.

Another major issue is immigration. Our nation must come to grips with this before we are swallowed up in a flurry of violent protest. Immigration has always been a part of our national heritage. How can it be done with the resources we have? This topic must also be looked at by our new president in a fair and humane way. Building a wall is not the answer we should be looking at.

On another note, inaugural speeches have often been memorable. John F. Kennedy gave the famous challenge, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Many young people responded to that directive by joining such organizations as the Peace Corps and VISTA. Young people volunteered to work in the poverty-stricken areas of Appalachia and the inner city. There was also the start of the Civil Rights Movement when JFK was murdered in Dallas.

Whatever the case, do not make the speech too long. In 1840, William Henry Harrison spoke for more than an hour in the cold and snow. His presidency lasted for one month when he caught pneumonia and died. His administration was the shortest in history.

There is a lot of doubt and skepticism in our nation at this time. The political campaigns did nothing to help bring us together. It will be the challenge for Donald Trump to do so.

Many of us have had doubts about the election of Donald Trump as our president. Many times the office itself has elevated the person to new heights.

That is what we are all hoping for.

— Dwight Goering lives in Moundridge.