The article, “EPA pick disagrees with Trump, says climate change isn’t hoax,” is only somewhat reassuring.

I voted for Trump, but I certainly did not vote for a government takedown of my state’s most important asset, our water and economy. Scott Pruitt, the nominee for the EPA administrator, wants to dismantle the agency’s ability to keep water clean and other forms of pollution that do not abide by state borders.

As the attorney general of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt has a long history of suing the EPA, which the tax payers paid the bill for. What is even more worrying is that Pruitt was suing big poultry business in Arkansas for millions of dollars to clean up contamination from poultry farms. Kansas was due to receive large settlements of money, but that lawsuit conveniently went away after big poultry business contributed to Scott Pruitt’s campaign.

Eastern Oklahoma is still heavily contaminated with phosphorous and nitrates, thanks to Pruitt. I do not want to return to a time when I have to worry about the amount of toxins in the fish I catch. It is our duty to call our senators, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, and implore on them that we want them to vote against Scott Pruitt as head of EPA. Who is going to want to buy homes, do business, visit, grow crops, or just enjoy life if we can not protect the environment in which we live?

— Megan Delaney lives in McPherson.