Thumbs up

Ag scholarship open to county students

We give a thumbs up to the McPherson Chamber of Commerce for expanding its agriculture scholarship to students attending a McPherson County school, but don’t live in county lines.

The chamber Ag Committee joins with Agriculture Future of America each year to provide academic scholarships to students in the county who will pursue a degree in an agriculture or food-related field. In previous years, a number of McPherson County students were ineligible because they didn’t meet residential requirements.

We hope students will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Group builds community with food

We give a thumbs up to Family Ingredients for providing a place for people to learn cooking skills and make a good meal.

The group of three or four families meets weekly, with new groups coming together each month. Participants bring a single ingredient, learn to make a meal, and spend time together. It also gives families a place to strengthen bonds.

We hope this class continues to be a fun tradition in our community.

Marshall on the ag committee

We give a thumbs up to Rep. Roger Marshall for being named to the House Agriculture Committee.

McPherson County farmers have many concerns that must be addressed at the national level, including crop insurance and foreign trade. Rep. Marshall is in a position to bring Kansas’ farmers’ concerns to Washington and work on their behalf.

We hope Marshall listens to those who put him in office, and does everything in his power to ensure our farmers have the programs and opportunities they need to continue feeding our country.

Water park workers take care for winter

We give a thumbs up to the McPherson Water Park employees who work hard to make sure the park is in good shape after cold Kansas winters.

The park is a lot of fun in summer, but without proper winterization, it would be a huge burden to maintain. Workers begin in August to clean and store equipment and drain pools and pipes to ensure taxpayer investments in the park are made to last.

We hope the water park continues to be a fun attraction in McPherson, thanks to the care of its workers.

High schools students get a jump on college

We give a thumbs up to McPherson High School for providing many opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school.

The program not only helps students save money on college expenses, but also teaches them valuable work skills they can quickly put to use. This makes it easier for students to afford higher education, and also gives them a leg up when looking for jobs.

We hope students continue to use this program to prepare for the future.

Lindsborg named top vacation spot

We give a thumbs up to the Lindsborg community for making their town a top girl’s getaway destination.

Cosmopolitan magazine named Little Sweden as the go-to spot in Kansas for women to get away for the weekend. Reasons include stylish hotels and restaurants, lovely atmosphere, camping spots, and community pride. We congratulate Lindsborg for this honor and hope the city continues to strive for excellence.

— Josh Arnett for the McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board.