I am writing in regards to the article ‘How Trump’s plan to pay for Mexico border wall will work.’

I did vote for Trump because I wanted the wall built. But I am having major buyer’s remorse, after all the information that has come out about it the past few days.

Trump wants to pay for it with an import tax. That sounds like it would be a tax on Mexico, but it really is a tax on me, as the consumer. Most of my produce either comes from California or Mexico, so my grocery bill will rise dramatically to pay for this wall.

What I did not know when I voted was that Alabama practically got rid of all undocumented workers — not by mass deportations or walls, but by fining those folks who were the employers in 2011. Alabama did not have large numbers of undocumented workers, but Alabama did have a thriving poultry economy that employed folks from Latin America. Just months into the new law, all those poultry farms moved across state lines to a more worker-friendly area, because the poultry producers could not get the help they needed. This caused local recessions and closures of many small businesses in Alabama.

If we are serious about undocumented workers, reform is needed. But, building a wall with money from my grocery bill seems absurd. Getting strict on employers of undocumented workers definitely works, but with many unintended consequences.

— Mike Degan lives in McPherson.