Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:


Topeka Capital-Journal | Kansas Democratics adopt ranked choice voting

Teresa Wickersham: So relieved not to have to caucus. Democracy shouldn’t be an endurance test.

Richard Foster: Am I the only one that can see how a few political elites can totally control who the final candidate will be? Two bus loads of 'teacher unionist' (most organized special interest political unit) could own the out come.

Nichols Robert: This is the problem with 2 party politics. Not a true Democracy when only 2 parties run and control everything. Its a tightly controlled, taxed and regulated authoritarian regime.


Hutchinson News Facebook | U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall eyes Senate run

Michelle Mattocks: Him over Kobach any day!!

Judy Mahoney Michelle Mattocks I think he ranks right up there with Kobach. Hope we don’t get either one of them.


Garden City Telegram Facebook | Hospital's no-smoking policy

Kim Gibbons That is discriminating against people that do smoke by not hiring them. That is so wrong. You might as well be a racist. 30 feet from hospital is fine


Newton Kansan Facebook | City offers support for rural school program

Erin Rosfeld: $21,000 an acre for the land. Doesn’t that seem a bit (or a lot) overpriced?!?!

Chris Skibbe: for farm land, sure. But for land on the south end of town that's in town it doesn't seem unreasonable to me.


The Leavenworth Times Facebook | Future of Les Miles in coaching

Thomas Koch: What happened to the last coach? I lost track. You mean our taxpayer funded school is once again paying $3 million dollars a year for one conference win? Can't we find somebody willing to get their butt handed to them every week for $200,000 a year? Except for Mangino, a trained seal could get the same number of conference wins as the last few coaches.


Pratt Tribune Facebook | Anticipated teacher raises

Michael L Gould: Higher taxes. Really. You know I wouldn't have a problem paying more taxes if the money we paid out to begin with wasn't wasted I know some of it's been cleaned up. Places like the Blythe and the gallery to my understanding I no longer getting free money but I still think things need to be cleaned up some more

Kenny Marsh: Thought the funds were for the kids !

Sara Bales: Umm...what do you mean "for the kids"? What do you think teachers do?

Shelly Harris Domann: Teachers NEED paid more!! Their jobs aren't just teaching!! They're babysitters, coaches, playground assistants, counselors and above all they are expected to keep your children safe! The demands on teachers increases every single year. They don't have a "go home at the end of the day and relax" type job. Do you realize that all teachers have to spend their own $$ on a lot of the supplies needed for their rooms?! Pratt is blessed with many donations that DO go directly to the kids. It's past time for the teachers to get paid better!