KU went too far with Snoop Dogg

As a lifelong KU fan and supporter, I was appalled to see what the athletic department views of “entertainment” looks like; they’ve ruined a long-standing tradition of Late Night at the Phog. It has become glaringly obvious that KU’s AD Jeff Long needs to be perp-walked out the door. Bringing in the foul mouth Snoop Dog into an institute of higher learning at the school’s and/or tax dollar’s behest is deplorable.

What made Long think that he could put “restrictions” on a known moron who can’t speak or rap without every third word being profanity? Then to top it off, pole dancers? It’s bad enough that the school’s professors push their liberal, socialist drivel in the classroom, they have to bring in this sort of garbage to prop it up?

Just how far have the moral standards sunk in our schools! Shame on you, KU and AD Long!

Veronica Base, Smolan