Open letter to Ms. Esther Cepeda

I sincerely hope you include yourself as part of "we." Your contention that the red MAGA hat identifies a racist is about as racist as one can get. Would you please explain to the world exactly what is racist about espousing "Make America Great Again"? Have you not noticed the people of color wearing that hat?

I suggest you are the racist here.

I agree with some of what you said but find your implication that white Americans like me are "upholding and perpetuating" racism. We do so no more than any other racial/ethnic group — there are just more of us. Your very action of breaking society in America down into racial "parts" by identity is about as racist as one can get!

Do people of color (by the way, WHITE is a color last I looked) have relatively small representation in society? Yes, of course they do! By dividing us into groups by race, sex and creed you clearly see that each part of the whole is smaller than the whole and will therefore have a correspondingly smaller influence on the whole! You have done exactly what you accuse others of!

Everyone in every country and of every race, sex and creed harbors some degree of prejudice. In my experience, there is less of it in America than in most other countries. I suggest YOU do some introspection before you "assume" the racial animus of others whom you do not know based on hats, flags and race.

Jim Johnson, Dodge City