Vowing to fight all gun control laws

As a lifelong sportsman and gun owner, throughout my time in Washington I have fought tooth and nail to stop the creation of red flag laws, “assault weapon” bans and buy-back programs intended to chip away at our rights. I believe all Americans have a right to keep and bear arms and I refuse to support legislation that would strip that right away from law-abiding citizens.

H.R. 838 — The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act referenced in your letter to the editor has nothing to do with red flag laws — of which I am firmly opposed. The bill simply sets up a Task Force designed to help local and state law enforcement establish their own threat assessment techniques, incorporating techniques that are already being used successfully by the U.S. Secret Service. This legislation was supported by the NRA, an organization with which I have a lifetime A+ Rating.

When I entered Congress, I took an oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. Since then nothing has changed, and I will continue fighting against unconstitutional gun grabs by those who wish to abolish the Second Amendment.

Congressman Roger Marshall, R-KS 1st District