Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Butler County Times-Gazette Facebook: A.G., sheriff decry rise in telephone 'spoofing'

Ann Simon: Been going on a long time getting phone calls from augusta # all the time. I have blocked so many area codes but can't block a lot because of family or area business's .It is very maddening

Cj Garriott: Yes indeed. I've learned to not answer an unknown number, just because it has a familiar area code. Sneaky devils. If it's legit, they'll leave a message. These bastards never do.

Hays Daily News Facebook: Mothers of sons killed by Kansas police ask why officers are cleared

Jeremy Clark: To admit that officers are fallible would dissolve the illusion that there is a group of competent, heroic, superior beings that provide law, order, stability and protection. The lives of your children will never be worth as much as the illusion of a controlled civility.

Butch Allen: Cover up. Been denied follow up

Pratt Tribune Facebook: Feral cats caught for population reduction plan

Susan Burns: Thank you!!! I feed these kitties. For every one spayed or neutered, it potentially saves 100 more cats from this horrible life on the streets. God Bless ALL of you for doing this!!!

Genile Allton Rawson: I'm so glad they're doing this!!! A healthy but, controlled cat population is necessary to keep rodent populations down.

Sally Freedman: About time, I've been saying we need this for years.

Newton Kansan Facebook: Firework enthusiasts light fuse for year-round sales

Kathy Parrish: Umm, No!

Greg Krotz: How does more fireworks help Kansas? Next thing you know they’ll want to make meth legal year round.

Greg Will: Yep, and bring back the good stuff instead of the snowflake fireworks.

Hutchinson News Facebook: House bill lowers pot possession penalty, releases inmates early

Anthony D. Marquez: Legalization and taxation. Let's train our farmers to farm hemp. We are at a point in our history as humans where it's time to make some drastic changes to help the environment and our future on this planet.

Toby Engle: Just legalize it and let’s get those tax dollars rolling in.

Jason Robertson: although there needs to be more reform, this is at least a step in the right direction.

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Woman can't get liquor license because husband works in law enforcement

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: I could see it if she was given preferential treatment for violations, but in that case we would need to bust the cops too. As long as she follows all the laws, then I don't see a problem.

Chris Lester: I think there are many more laws that need to be changed before this one. Shouldn't even be on the radar...

Dale Free: What a bizarre law. Definitely needs to be changed.

Angela D Sycz: Yes! Change it! These female entrepreneurs are being penalized simply for marrying law abiding, civil servants.

Maggie Holle: This was actually uplifting. Sounds like a good change is coming.