Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: KU extends spring break in wake of virus

Kody Thexton: As a public school teacher, I can get behind this!

Susan Poirier-Casey: Smart move.

Charles Criqui: Higher education seems kinda stupid

Proposal would end raid on highway:

Bob Totten: Yes, quit taking money from KDOT. It’s like the sign says: Highway robbery

Gary Parnell: Kinda like th federal government raiding the social security trust to fund things

Bonnie Fann: Just put a stop to raiding funds from one agency to shore up the other. Get your act together when you set up the budget and stick to it. Don't be afraid to drop programs which are either ineffective or no longer needed.

Travis Dietrick: The state needs to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Butler County Times-Gazette: Political expert says 'Joementum' may propel Biden to nomination

Joyce Yeager: Biden was indicated as the winner of Missouri's primary at 7:30 last evening.....the polls closed at 7p.....i think the fix is in!!!

Jeffrey Burnham: It really doesn’t matter, Trump will wipe the floor with either one of them

Ottawa Herald Facebook: Editorial asks if genders are treated equally

Marlene Bender: Yes we do

Greg Shutt: If some like Hillary Clinton were treated equally then she would be in prison!

Tom Beckjorden: Yes, perhaps more than we think.

Salina Journal Facebook: Youths make their pitch against vaping

Blaine McAfee: Who told these kids to go there and do it... personal choice...over government is not the answer...people usually get whatever they want no matter what...

S.v. Berg: Who is their organizer and source of funding? You really can't take tobacco legislation any further than you have gone already.

Hutchinson News Facebook: Labor secretary encourages census participation

Steven Royse II: The U.S. Constitution assumed that those living in the country was going to be legal citizens. The fact that we dont distinguish between a legal and non-legal citizen is astonishing. Money taken from tax paying citizens should be spent to take care of other citizens. California and New York would lose many of their seats if we actually counted based on legal citizens and not just number of people.

Danie Richard: As long as non citizens are counted as citizens I won't fill it out.

Steven Treece: I agree it should only be united States citizens and our jobs should only united States citizens or those here on a legal basis.

Luke Bauman: Yes, it's to count everyone. But it should also have a citizenship question so we can know how many citizens we have too. Why is that an issue?

Roger Dimitt: Should be only U.S. Citizens.