Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hays Daily News Facebook: House, Senate leaders review Gov. Kelly's statewide order

Laura Kreutzer Chartier: Was I sad with schools closing and all activites coming to a hault, YES. But I was not upset with Gov Kelly for doing what she felt was BEST for our state. Our numbers are low, though increasing still, but not like other states.

Alice Domann: Gov. Kelly is doing a fine job. She should be supported.

Mark Grieve: You know I just don’t get it. If u feel u need to be out. Go volunteer to help with the sick. She did the right thing. Don’t judge it may come knocking on ur door

Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: Researchers say Kansas death toll could be 700

Tallulah Adsila Hinton: Not taking it seriously! Going to be more than 700!

Milam Jones: How many will die from Heart attacks? Car Wrecks? in same time?

Garden City Telegram Facebook: Finney County gets second, third COVID-19 cases

Kayla Van Meter: If some general details where to be provided, like where they visited in the past few days people would be able to actually take into consideration if they need to also self quarantine, instead everybody is just going to go on as if they never came into contact with these people, hence unknowingly continuing to spread this virus!

Kathy Fleury: There is a need to be more transparent, at least about age and gender of all Covid-19 cases in our county! We have a right to know at least that much.

Tammy Wilson: There were two very large teenage parties here last weekend. With photos on snapchat of kids sharing drinks and passing them through the crowd. I hope those kids and their parents realize they put everyone at risk!

Cheryl White: I pray these folks that tested positive get well soon,stay safe and God bless..

Hutchinson News Facebook: Reno County imposes temporary burn ban

Cory Hoffman: Wow this is the time of the year for us farmers to be burning pastures we still have to provide for our cattle folks !!

Heather Ladd (Cory Hoffman): there isnt enough staff to be safely available to help if it goes out of control surely you can understand that.

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Anti-abortion forces urge governor to label abortion an elective procedure during pandemic

Steve Elsen: It's as much of an elective surgery as anything else, in the majority of cases.

Tiffany Dunham: Really ??? You think nows the time to bring that up since obvious u think there’s nothing else that stands to be more of a priority

Brandilyn Shay: If you are pro life why are the people in prison not just as valuable as the unborn? Why are they not fighting for them too? The hypocrisy runs rampant at this time.

Pam Brown: Y'all just want to fool around in quarantine, but you don't want the responsibility of caring for a child. Taking responsibility for one's actions is being an adult.