So Kansas’ very own Mitch McConnell, aka Susan Wagle, and her extremist Republican cohorts continue on their relentless pursuit to obstruct our duly elected Democratic Governor in everything she does. Doing so pretty much because she is a Democrat and to throw meat to their extremist one-issue base. That base being necessary to win Republican primaries, I assume. So Wagle says the governor is infringing on our rights to attend church. What about our rights to be protected from a deadly virus? I suspect Wagle et al. are more likely taking this position to reinforce and expand the irrational paranoia among the religious extremists that, once closed, churches will be forced to remain closed because they want to believe that’s what all evil Democrats want. As if only Republicans are Christians. Be careful Kansas or we will become another Wisconsin, where a Republican majority in the Legislature will stop at nothing to remain in power, including voter suppression. If we’re not there already, that is.

Christy Brooks, Tecumseh