McPherson High School soccer team showed how well they are in scoring in the second half as they blew out Buhler High School 8-1 on Tuesday night. The Bullpups improve their record of 5-1-1 while the Lady Crusaders fall to 1-5 of the year.

It started as a defensive matchup between the two rivals as both were scoreless in the last 12 minutes in the first half. It was then the Lady Pups was on the board after a Jessie Kynaston assist to scoring leader Aislinn Hughes. It was 1-0 by the end of the first half. Buhler's defense committed pressure on Hughes that McPherson head coach Chris Adrian made adjustments by moving the senior around.

"We saw in the first half that they were man-marking Aislinn (Hughes). So when Aislinn was playing as a center forward and there too many bodies in there and we have to get the ball wide. She has to play five different positions and it just opened up space for somebody else," Adrian said.

The Bullpups recorded 19 shots on goal. McPherson had missed opportunities to score more goals.The ball would either be kicked too wide or it would end up hitting the post.

Despite giving up one goal, it looked like Buhler was one goal away in making it a more intriguing game after a defensive performance in the second half.

"We shifted well on defense, everyone was playing and doing what they were supposed to do. A team like this you can't have mental lapses and we had a couple, and it cost us," Buhler head coach Randall Rank said

Unfortunately for Buhler, the McPherson went on an offensive rampage by scoring seven goals in the second half. Three of those goals came from Hannah Hageman. Her last goal was a hat-trick on the right side of the tackle box. Kynaston also made an excellent play by breaking defenders and shooting the ball from the 10. Claire Hedlund and Anna Nason also got their piece of the pie as they also scored points for the Lady Pups. Hughes would get her second goal of the night to close the deal for McPherson.

"You saw the girls are more relaxed, and then stop thinking so much about how to get the ball in the net and just start doing it," Adrian said.

Despite only scoring one goal late in the second half by Addie White, it never slowed down the Lady Pups throughout the half. Rank was full of disappointment in the second half performance and believed it was a loss of focus that cost them the game.

"I think we lost focus. We weren't doing the things that we were doing in the first 50 minutes of the game. Once we lost focus, it kind of spirals down from there," Rank said.

The Lady Pups will move on to face Andover High School at home on April 13 at 6:30 p.m.

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