PEABODY– Canton Galva High School competed in the CKTL track meet at Peabody-Burns High School The Eagles left the meet with a second place finish from the girls, and third place from the boys.

The Eagles had to face Little River High School, Centre High School, Herington High School and Lyons High School.

Tia Moddelmog led the girls after finishing in first place in the high jump (5-3) and triple jump (34-4), breaking the school record in both events, previously held by Tammy Martin in the high jump in 1980, and her own record in the triple jump. Junior sprinter Katie Fiedler also had a great performance after placing first in the 100 M., 200., and long jump. Maddie Snow also earned gold in the 400 m.

On the boys' side, Cash Toews earned first place in both the 3200 m and 800 m. The Eagles won two more gold in the relay races. Cyler Johnson, Conner Koehn, Jacob Klataske and Dawson Minson ran in the 4x800. Chase Klinkerman, Landon Everett, Kinser Colgin and Jerry Bradbury competed in the 4x400.

Next meet will be on April 17 at Fairfield High School. They will compete against Fairfield, Sedgwick High School, Little River High School and Inman High School.

Canton-Galva Results


Herington 179, Canton-Galva 108, Lyons 68, Centre 66, Little River 54, Peabody-Burns 39

Shot put--4th Braylee Doughman 29-5, Sarah Kendall 21-8.75

Discus--4th Braylee Doughman 78-4, 5th Brianna Gough 76-11, Sarah Kendall 59-9

Javelin--5th Tia Moddelmog 81-5

High jump--1st Tia Moddelmog 5-3 (new school record)

Long jump--1st Katie Fiedler 15-11

Triple jump--1st Tia Moddelmog 34-4 (new school record)

100 m.--1st Katie Fiedler 13.71, 3rd Maddie Snow 14.15

200 m.--1st Katie Fiedler 28.46, 2nd Maddie Snow 29.43

400 m.--1st Maddie Snow 1:05.38, 2nd Tia Moddelmog 1:05.68

800 m.--3rd Brianna Gough 3:05.04


Little River 126, Lyons 110, Canton-Galva 106.5, Herington 91.5, Centre 69, Peabody-Burns 68

Shot put--Jay Nightingale 30-5.5, David VanHouton 26-9.5, Tyler Rummel 25-6

Discus--5th Tyler Rummel 95-3, Jay Nightingale 89-11, David VanHouton 87-1

Javelin--Landon Everett 102-8, Conner Koehn 70-9

Long jump--4th Kinser Colgin 18-.75, 5th Jerry Bradbury 17-8.25

100 m.--4th Jerry Bradbury 12.42, Chase Klinkerman 13.26

300 m. hurdles--1st Kinser Colgin 48.91

400 m.--2nd Jerry Bradbury 56.93, 3rd Chase Klinkerman 57.1, Conner Koehn 1:03.27

800 m.--1st Cash Toews 2:21.21, 3rd Conner Koehn 2:47.74, Jacob Klataske 3:05.81

1600 m.--2nd Dawson Minson 5:59.88, 3rd Cyler Johnson 6:08.75

3200 m.--1st Cash Toews 12:23.4

4x100 m. relay--4th 51.3 (VanHouton, Everett, Colgin, Rummel)

4x400 m. relay--1st 3:52.56 (Klinkerman, Everett, Colgin, Bradbury)

4x800 m. relay--1st 11:23.63 (Johnson, Koehn, Klataske, Minson)

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