McPherson 8 vs Wellington 3

It was the final stretch for the McPherson High School baseball team as they defeated both Wellington High School and Goddard High School in a triangular series to conclude their season.

The Bullpups went right to work after Dylan Werries hit a single in the bottom of the first inning.

Gabe Hoover would then hit a sacrificed fly, sending Werries home and giving McPherson a 1-0 lead. Immediately after their first run, Honestee Whittker slams a homer to give the Bullpups a 3-0 lead. It was the first home run in Grant Field for the Bullpups.

After two scoreless innings, the Bullpups was the board again after an RBI single by Spencer Whitfield to give the Bullpups a 4-0 lead. The next play, Gunnar Reiss crushes a two-home run to keep causing damage on the Crusaders.

After struggling to make hits, Wellington started to get a bit of a groove after getting a runner on base. However, the Bullpups shut them down with a 1-6-3 double play. McPherson's defense has made two double plays over Wellington. Dylan Werries hits the Bullpups third home run of the day giving the Bullpups an 8-0 lead in the bottom of the six. Werries led the team in RBIs and hits. Zane Myers pitched a complete game, only allowing three runs, which came in the late inning and three strikeouts.

McPherson 9 Goddard 4

Game two against Goddard, Dylan Werries was on the mound for the Bullpups as they pulled away a 9-4 victory on Senior day to conclude their season.

"Our team felt comfortable with him (Werries) on the mound. If he keeps working and getting into a groove and has all three pitches working, he's tough to come back on,"Bullpups head coach Heath Gerstner said.

Goddard picked up a quick early lead in the first inning after scoring two runs on a groundout base hit to send two runners to home plate.

The Bullpups responded back in the second inning when they scored three straight runs to get ahead. After a balk call that would give Bullpups their first run of the night, Spencer Whitfield knocked a sacrifice fly that would be long enough to send Jakob Feil home and to tie the ball game. Wiard would then get an RBI single on a line drive that would give the Bullpups their first lead of the night.

Bottom of the fourth, McPherson scored three more runs after Whitfield hit an RBI single and Werries getting an RBI double. Goodard struggled to add more runs after scoring two in the first inning. It was until the six when they scored two more runs, but that was before the Bullpups already scoring three runs to finish the game.

Werries, who would be playing his last game at Grant field before moving on to Butler Community College, finished the night with six strikeouts, only allowing five runs and six hits. Seidl, who also played his last game at Grant Field, led the Bullpups in hits, going 3-for-4 at the plate. McPherson finished the season at 14-6 going into regionals. Andover Central High School vs Hayes High School on Tuesday will be the deciding factor in whether or not they get the No.1 seed.

"I'm about as happy as I am tonight than I've ever been all season," Gerstner said. As a coach, I look at our performance over the wins and losses, and I thought our performance tonight, execution form was excellent tonight. We bunted a lot, in which believed that we could do, we threw a lot of strikes, attack hitters and played good defense on the backside."

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